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Georges Brassens:ten jewelry poetically incorrect – The Figaro

VIDEOS – Disappeared 35 years ago, on October 29, 1981, the Sétois was entrusted with in his lifetime, with malice, that he “had a lot of letters engueulade.” A selection of his songs at the antipodes of the well-pensance.

René Fallet said of his friend Georges Brassens: “This man is dangerous. He is a poet, a funny client for roucouleurs.”

The singer Maxime Le forestier, who dedicates an admiration without terminal, think that it is first and foremost a writer: “We listen to Brassens, but it also reads a lot.”

Then Brassens, author and singer? Thirty-five years after his death, on October 29, 1981, the seed has, it seems, for a ruling.

Far from being forgotten, his jingles, molded of a humanism that is nicely libertarian, have not taken a ride. The young singers resume sometimes the songs of Brassens without really understanding while the intellectuals try to flush out their philosophy hidden.

When Brassens was it anarchist, left, catholic, moral, immoral, amoral? No-one will know really never. What is certain, however, is that he was able to put it to music Victor Hugo as a person, and on the great pond of the ducks, with his friends not chosen by Montaigne and La Boétie, and on the belly they are hitting hard…

As you may be review a few of his masterpieces…

Bad Reputation (1952)

The Lovers of public benches (1953)

Song for the Auvergnat (1954)

from my tree (1956)

The Legend of the nun (1956), a poem by Victor Hugo

The time has nothing to do with the case (1961)

The Trumpets of fame (1962)

Friends first (1964)

to Die for ideas (1972)

a Tempest in a holy water stoup (1976)


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