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“Brice 3″ : battle hilarious surfer’s Nice with its dual – The World

The second episode of the adventures of the comic hero remains true to the spirit of childhood and nonsense to the original.

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Clovis  Cornillac and Jean Dujardin in the French film de  James Huth,
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The revoilou, here he is again. After eleven years of absence from the deep, one of the heroes of the most “cartoonesques” cinema, French comic, cousin, secret of spongebob squarepants, dates back to the great fund of humor, muddy up to the light of our screens. Even if you’re not part of the 4 million viewers that have hosted the Brice de Nice in cinema in 2005, not to mention their successors, the television, the boy says to you something : dressed in a lemon-yellow beast as a cat, surfer mythomaniac, king of the verbal sparring renamed “case sensitive” with a gesture of the arm slicing through the air at an angle, to the greatest misfortune of the parents who, having seen the film and then initiated their offspring in this art, took it for ten years.

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need to upgrade a summary of the episode maiden, would you do less than one might not. Brice de Nice, the son of a business quickly thrown in prison, is a young man who végète. Admirer of a single film (Point Break, Kathryn Bigelow, 1991) in which he does not love that a person (the surfer ultimate played by Patrick Swayze), Brice, board in hand, waiting in Nice big wave that the Mediterranean refuses to give it to him. He therefore devotes his time to contest it breaks, which lead, in the company of his friend suffering, pain, Marius de Fréjus (Clovis Cornillac), the man with the finger of the foot sole, on the shores that are more conducive of the Atlantic, where he meets his nemesis in the beast and wicked person Igor of Hossegor (Bruno Salomone).

Spirit of childhood and stairs

It appears, therefore, to adopt the terminology lubitschienne that Brice made it to the mythology of the surf what the nazis have done in Poland, and that he continues this good work in the episode that the public will not fail to discover today. Let’s say, to acknowledge from the outset the success of the film, that its designers have managed to keep the hero and his adventures in the spirit of childhood, stairway and wackiness that give it its character.

Jean Dujardin in the French film de James  Huth,
If it is necessary to make a design, the “breaks” is to “Brice de Nice” the Force is with ” Star Wars “

the stronger and More improbable, in Brice 3 achieves this feat by philosophizing, since it is specifically in the scene and en abyme, which he has refused to become, faithful to the democracy of the original of a character so well created by Jean Dujardin as perpetuated by the internet users. Is a film boosted by the success, playing the card of one-upmanship and galvaudant the holy simplicity of his model. Quite the contrary : in Brice 3, Brice de Nice 1, ten years of ridiculous and therefore of humanity in the teeth, alerted by his friend Marius, combat Brice de Nice 2 (Dujardin itou), heinous deceiver and seeks to eliminate, has appealed to the members of the club of the vacation of haiti through the power tenfold of a case become pure exercise of contempt and cruelty. If it is necessary to make a design, the “breaks” is to Brice de Nice what the Force is to Star Wars.

Not entirely futile

What happens, to be often also régressivement funny that in the first episode, is not entirely futile. Not only that Nice and Haiti have become, by a dark fate, from the scene of devastation. Brice 1 was, in effect, drop shadow, gently niçoise, an american dream, adulterated, sub-tended by the culture in california from egocentrism and appearances. Ten years later, Brice 2 is the emanation of a world of crypto-fascist, where even the bad guy Igor has been cleared by the hideous Gregor (Alban Lenoir), Hossegor. A world hypostasié in holiday village, where the violence, the derealization, and the domination of social practice, as in the ancient games of the circus or in tv-contemporary reality, through the administration of the recreation.

so It had to be Brice 2, character tragically represented, is “broken” as the episode for that we take frank pleasure and comfort of this Brice 3, notwithstanding the indolence of the scenario and the disappearance of the charming pinky Elodie Bouchez (who was Jeanne, betrothed to Marius). The finds are sufficiently numerous and humour calamitous to continue to distinguish between Brice his exact contemporary of Patrick Chirac (Camping 2006), other nerdy mythomaniac and childish of a country to lag behind the performer Franck Dubosc, but that never comes to save the grace of this I-don’t-know-what pataphysics, which makes us complicit in Brice.

French Movie from James Huth with Jean Dujardin, Clovis Cornillac, Bruno Salomone, Alban Lenoir (1: 35). On the Web : and


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