Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dancing with the stars 7 : Caroline Receveur, Kamel the magician, Florent Mothe…. Check out the name of the star removed –

For the third premium of Dancing with the stars 7, celebrities have once again given their all and the viewers have taken full eyes. Unfortunately, competition is always present, and this week one more celebrity is to be eliminated. If last week last it is Olivier Minne, who left the show this evening, it is very tight between Camille Lou, who has been impressive and Carolina Receiver which ignited the track with a performance sexy. Then again, the candidates are all lined up on the dance floor and Laurent Ournac and Sandrine Quetier begin to advertise that the public has decided to save.

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Kamel the magician is eliminated

And once again, Camille Lou, Caroline Receveur, Florent Mothe and Laurent Maistret have been saved by the public and will therefore be present at the next premium. Same for Karine Ferri, Sylvie Tellier, Valérie Damidot and Artus. Finally, everything is played between Kamel the magician, and Julien Lepers. And it is Kamel the magician, who has been eliminated tonight. It remains only to wait a few weeks before we know which candidate will succeed Loïc Nottet, winner of the last year. In the meantime, relive the provision of Florent Mothe who was very stylish on a waltz. What do you think of this elimination ?


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