Sunday, October 16, 2016

VIDEOS – “Dancing with the stars 7″ : the best, the worst and the surprise of the evening – LCI

TELEVISION – The seventh season of “Dancing with the stars” started with a bang, on TF1, this Saturday, October 15. For this first award, there were nice surprises and a few disappointments. LCI is the point.

Caroline Receveur, 30 years old, is one of the bloggers most popular fashion of the internet, but not only. It is also the big winner of the evening : to the sides of the dancer Maxime Dereymez, she is the one who has won the most points, throwing in a tango and furious on the song of Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl”.

Following his service in very surprising, the judges were of the opinion that it was pretty damn fulfilled his bet. Pietra has discovered a dancer of great potential. Jean-Marc Généreux has found his tango “hot potato, a high-flying”. Counseling, despite everything, Caroline Receiver not to be afraid and stand up. And for Fauve Hautot, it is necessary that the young woman carried out her side of the cat.

Notes :

Tawny : 8/10

Jean-Marc : 8/10

Pietra : 9/10

Chris : 8/10.

Total : 33 points

The presenter Julien Lepers and Silvia Notargiacomo have chosen to dance on the international hit “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake. Magré a dance a little “stiff”, the jury is quite happy. For Fawn, Julien Lepers “You can be very proud.” “You dared and it was perfect”, has judged the young woman. For Jean-Marc Généreux , he is “the dean who will stop at nothing”. And finally, for Pietra : “there is work”. But the strong point of the candidate is that he went up “the mountain with enthusiasm,” through “eyes of a child”.

Notes :

Tawny : 5/10

Jean-Marc : 5/10

Pietra : 6/10

Chris : 4/10.

Total : 20 points

For this first dance, Artus and Marie Denigot, two newcomers of the season, we have made a pretty quick step. If the humorist has a hard time believing in him, his partner was able to make him aware of his abilities. On the track “The limits” of Julien Doré and in a suit teddy bear in which he would become damn hot, the actor has made a delivery charming and funny. Pietra is direct : she loves Artus. Chris Mark, himself, has found “power good” but wants it to be “attention to technical elements”.

Notes :

Tawny : 7/10

Jean-Marc : 6/10

Pietra : 8/10

Chris : 7/10.

Total : 29 points


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