Monday, October 24, 2016

i>Television : the emission of Morandini will resume in a day ? – The Point

there are details that do not deceive. Last weekend, the journalists on strike i>Tele have received the visit of Cyril Hanouna. According to a member of the editorial staff, the host, the most influential of the Canal+ group – has signed a contract of 250 million euros for 5 years and gets along very well with Vincent Bolloré would be roughly launched to the strikers present : “I love you, tell me if I can help you. “The story does not say if he has spoken since the boss of the Vivendi-Canal+.

anyway, the news of the suspension “for operational reasons” Morandini Live fell on Monday mid-day. An ad that can be interpreted as the first drop of Vincent Bolloré, since the outbreak of the strike a week ago and the early surrealists to Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna i>Tele. This show was only aired live from the Monday, October 17, the date of the beginning of the strike at the chain of continuous information.

Reasons, both formal and informal

Officially, the management has waived the use of the technicians of Canal+ to fill the defections of technicians strikers in the chain of continuous information. Unofficially, the outcry of many of the media personalities, whether they are in the Canal+ group, Cyril Hanouna, Laurence Ferrari on his page Facebook…) or external (Pierre Lescure former Channel or even this weekend Christophe Hondelatte, or Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who has launched ” Bolloré is killing i>Tv “), has forced the management of the group to back away.

Still, officially, Morandini Live ” will resume as soon as you stop this strike, ” said a press release. Really ? Behind the scenes, the negotiations multiply, either at the level of leaders of Canal+, Maxime Saada and Gérald Brice-Viret, director of i>Tele Serge Nedjar, or Vincent Bolloré itself. For some observers, it is a safe bet that the management of the group seeks in the next few hours to an amicable agreement with Jean-Marc Morandini in order that the announcement of its own initiative or by mutual agreement of the cessation of its program.


The situation, however, is not simple : Jean-Marc Morandini is contractually bound to the group. It is “under investigation” but still “presumed innocent,” says a close to the folder. This banned so theoretically that the direction i>Tele to terminate the employment of the facilitator. It would be necessary that he resigns himself. The radio Europe 1, if she preferred to depart Morandini of the antenna and replace it by Thomas Joubert for The Great Live Media, is in the same situation : the presenter remains employed pending the judicial developments of the ” Morandini Gate “.

Monday morning, the employees of i>Télé voted the eighth consecutive day of their strike until Tuesday 11: 30 to 85 % of the respondents (114 out of 133). In addition to the departure of the facilitator, the journalists ask for an ethical charter to guarantee their independence vis-à-vis their main shareholder, Vincent Bolloré, and more ways to revive the chain, heavily in deficit. The tension is still up a notch this weekend, due to a move brutal offices i>Tele to make room for the writing of Direct Morning (owned by Bolloré), where the personal affairs of journalists have been put in a dumpster to junk. “The AG was quiet and determined this morning. What happened this weekend was very shocked. We await a response from the ministry on our request to appoint a mediator, ” said a journalist striker. “The mobilization is still strong, we want to move forward in discussions with management “, commented on the LDS.

CNews pending

in Addition to the suspension of the issuance of Jean-Marc Morandini, the change of name of the string info in CNews, scheduled for this Monday, has been postponed and the antenna continues to pass through replays. i>Tv faces competition not only from the leader BFM TV, but also the LCI of the group TF1 and the public broadcaster franceinfo, new entrants on the free DTT. Its hearings were dropped last week in the midst of the strike, LCI from even before i>Tele. Even the issue of Jean-Marc Morandini was watched on Thursday night by less than 50 000 viewers, compared to over 100,000 on Monday 17 October, the day of launch.


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