Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lily-Rose Depp : “I was not raised in the culture of teen French” – Pure People

This interview, however, allows to draw a portrait a little more specific of the eldest daughter of the ex-couple so glamorous. Lily-Rose Depp lives of extraordinary things with regard to the young girls of her age, and she knows it. The house of Chanel, that she meets since she was 8 years old and where she has worked since 15 years old, this is his small family. But instead she grew up in Los Angeles as rue Cambon. His mother is shared between the two sides of the Atlantic for his brother and she, educated in the United States. That is why she is less familiar to French cinema, and why it sometimes crosses on platters of emissions of personalities well-known in France, without recognizing them : “I have not been raised i n the culture of teens French.” Another difference is with a teenager lambda, it is no longer going to school since she managed to accept the idea to his parents : “I tried to go back there after having turned Planetarium and Dancer. I am back after the break in winter and it was so weird, I said to myself : ‘what am I doing here ? I’m not going to go to university, I already have some projects, more of promo, work…

If she seems so mature and assertive, a trait very american ? – it is also, perhaps, because his girlfriends have at least 25 years of age : “I have always been older than my years !” Lily-Rose is ahead for her age and fits “rather easily in the life“. This did not prevent her from experiencing complicated situations, such as at the Toronto Festival in September for the premiere screening of Planetarium : “I thought to do a seizure, as the flashes crépitaient everywhere.” But to conclude : “At the same time, I find it hard to imagine something else, having seen my parents in the same situation.”

read the full interview in the magazine She October 28, 2016


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