Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lactalis gets the prohibition of rebroadcasting a part of a story of” special Envoy ” – The World

The giant dairy has applied to the tribunal de grande instance de Laval injunction to ” put an end to these unwarranted attacks “.

The journalist Elise Lucet poses on September 5, 2011 in Paris, during the conference of presentation of the programming for the new season of the public television channel, France 2.

The giant dairy Lactalis announced, Thursday, October 27, have obtained interim the prohibition of rebroadcasting a part of the broadcast of France 2 ” special Envoy “, and said in a press release that it ” will bring a complaint against the string “.

Thursday, October 13, the tv channel France 2 broadcast in the framework of” special Envoy ” ” a story, putting seriously into question the Lactalis group and its president Emmanuel Besnier “, which led the group to seize the tribunal de grande instance de Laval referred to ” put an end to these unwarranted attacks and the broadcast of a programme only to load “, he explains in a press release.

” The wrong information had been put forward wanting to give the impression that in a case of a dairy operation, it is necessary to make a generality in order to want to make Lactalis the single responsible for the deep crisis that hit the milk producers. “

” Dictate the rules “

The report entitled, “August 2016 : the milk crisis in full swing,” told the tug of war between dairy farmers and the Lactalis. He denounced ” the current unsustainable imposed by the world number one milk “,, which ensures 20 % of the collection in France, and ” take the opportunity to dictate his rules, “.

Lactalis operates well-known brand name of drinking milk (Lactel), cheese, or butter (Bridel, President, Lanquetot, Roquefort Society, etc.), and displays, according to its website, a turnover of 17 billion euros in 2015. It has approximately 15,000 employees in France and 75,000 in total in the world.

In September, a report of the show on Bygmalion, a communications agency suspected of having allowed illegal financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, had already caused a stir in France Television, and an open conflict between the journalist EliseLucet, and Michael Field, director of the information.

it was felt that the topic should be scheduled outside the period of official campaign of the primary of the Republicans, which ran from 21 September to 27 November. But the report was finally released on September 29.


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