Laurence Ferrari présente l'émission «Punchline».
Laurence Ferrari presents the show “Punchline”. – Thierry Gromik / C8

she decided, because Christophe Hondelatte was deeply offended by his silence in “One is not lying” ? In any case, Sunday after-noon, the reporter Laurence Ferrari is expressed on the conflict, which lasts for a week with iTélé, its page on Facebook.

Strike at iTélé: Can you win a social conflict against Vincent Bolloré?

questioning on the place of Jean-Marc Morandini “

In this text long enough, she claims to share with the journalists on strike, ” the questions of Jean-Marc Morandini -indicted for corruption of minors aggravated – on the antenna of a string any of the info “. She also believes that ” the strike which is likely to enter its second week is a suffering for each of us.”

A call to dialogue

The priority in the eyes of the journalist seem to be easing in order to return to work in good conditions : “today our chain is at a standstill. The level of misunderstanding of the viewers and the desperation of the editors is total. There is therefore an urgency to recreate the conditions for a serene and respectful dialogue that allows us an exit from the crisis and the recovery of the information of our viewers, which is our primary calling, and to which everyone at iTélé is viscerally attached. “A decision late position, but should reassure his colleagues…

Strike at iTélé: The move disaster (full strike) a portion of the office space increases the voltage

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