Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Disappearance of Yvette Chauviré, star, absolute, Le Figaro

DISAPPEARANCE The great French ballerina has just died at the age of 99 years. Star fetish of Serge Lifar, Giselle unmatched, it has embodied the best of the French dance.

She was in her apartment on the place du Commerce in Paris. She lived surrounded by swans porcelain, and was sometimes in the glow of these figures the echo of his memories, so far they had avoided. Yvette Chauviré was, however, the greatest dancer French of the XX° century, the equal of Maïa Plissetsakaïa to Russia, from Margot Fonteyn to England or Suzanne Farrel for the United States. The only French designated by the title of “Prima ballerina absoluta”.

no One remembered it, not necessarily by penetrating at home, but Yvette Chauviré has embodied the pinnacle of French elegance and modernity. Still young, Nureyev wanted to dance Giselle with it. She was twenty years older than him, but he didn’t want to miss the lesson of such a partner. It has been called matchless, in Giselle that she performed since 1949, and in which she made her farewell in 1974. It is necessary to see both movies to figure out what legend she has been able to be.

first , The dying Swan of Jean Benoît-Lévy. She has 20 years, of the spread, a line to focus all the hopes, long brown eyes that seem to be able to house all the lights of the world, but also all of its disease. Then, Yvette Chauviré, one star for the example, the film that he has dedicated to Dominique Delouche in 1985. She was then 68 years of age. She stopped dancing ten years earlier. She passes on her roles with a sharp intellect, communicating the emotion and nuances of the roles. It is entirely in the sensitivity, risk-taking to translate it with an authority and a conviction that sidèrent.

Monique Loudières, she says Atlantis and Shadows of Lifar, Piétragalla Two Pigeons of a wood nut. Isabelle Guérin, lshtar, Serge Lifar created for it and in which he named a star in 1941. Sylvie Guillem has the right to Cigarette smoking in “Suite en blanc” . Even in this exercise, she takes risks. Very asked, it is, however, to flower of skin. She has the eye that gets wet when she talks about her husband, Konstantin Nepo, set decorator, and set designer who dressed on stage in a few productions. We can guess immediately how it could carry its audience in ballerina romantic. Even today, the dancers of the Paris Opera, in a reference to his help with the interpretation, replicating the images she used. The oral tradition of the house is not likely to forget.

Yvette Chauviré follows the epic Lifar. Entry to the Dance school of the Opera, she worked with Boris Knyaseff, the man who invented the bar to the floor, and Victor Gsovsky, exfiltré of Russia and the choreographer of the Grand Pas Classique that it creates. Serge Lifar’s reign on the Ballet when she comes in. Last star of the Ballets russes, formed by Serge Diaghilev, he was quick to capitalize on it. After the war, when Lifar knows the disgrace, suspected of having collaborated, is itself eliminated out of the Paris Opera, Chauviré regains his freedom. It is a brilliant stroke. She left the Paris Opera for dancing in Monte Carlo, at la Scala in Milan or the Royal Ballet. It chorégraphiera of course also. In 1974, she signed a version of Giselle, which even today is still danced at la Scala.


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