Friday, October 28, 2016

Adelaide de Clermont-Tonnerre : “This award gives me wings” – Europe1


His second novel, has been unanimously praised by critics. With The last of us*, Adelaide de Clermont-Tonnerre has won Thursday, the Grand Prix of the French Academy. Selected in the first round by 11 votes to 8, the author of 40 years of age entrusted to Thomas Sotto does not yet realize the honor that has been done to it.

“I thought that I was not able to write”. today rewarded, Adelaide de Clermont-Tonnerre has to deal with interviews and, possibly, the pressure for his next novel. Because the author, a former student studying and current editor-in-chief of the magazine Point of view, admits does not yet realize to have been chosen by the French Academy for her second novel, The last of us. “I have not slept all the night!” she smiled. “This award gives me the wings,” explains Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre. “For years, I thought that I was not able to write”, remembers it. “I had a very high opinion of the literature. In fact, it is just necessary to stick to them and work!!!”, lance-t-elle. Referring to its price, the author says: “Be encouraged by the Immortals makes me want to continue.”

A novel that travels between two time periods. subtitled “A forbidden love affair in the time where everything was forbidden”, the novel Adelaide de Clermont-Tonnerre tells the story of Werner, a 24-year-orphan, product of the american middle class new york at the end of the 60′s. He falls in love with Rebecca, a young artist, heiress, – free and evolves in the circle of Andy Warhol. All goes well until the young man meets the parents of his girlfriend: “just A moment, that fear is all,” laughs the author.

On nearly 500 pages, the novel navigates between two time periods, and in the second chapter, loses the weight. We learn that Werner is actually born in Germany, in the Dresden bombings in 1945. The mother of Rebecca, who has been deported, recognizes his drama on the young man’s face.

“Write in the skin of a man was a challenge.” “Write in the skin of a man was a challenge,” remembers Adelaide de Clermont-Tonnerre. “All the women are asked what it feels like to a man, what he has in his head, in his heart,” she adds, stating that her husband was her first inspiration. “I observed him morning, noon and night,” admits she laughs.

* The last of us, éditions Grasset, 2016.


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