Sunday, October 23, 2016

DALS : which star was eliminated last night ? [Photos] – Télé Star

He let out a few tears at the mention of his name. the Olivier Minne has been eliminated this Saturday evening of Dancing with the Stars season 7 . His choreography of chacha on the title “Sing Hallelujah” from Dr. Alban will obviously not convinced the public and the viewers, who were eliminated at the end of a week of competition only.

At the time of the dissemination of the results, the presenter of the west wing has snared his partner Katrina Patchett. “It is and it will be an extraordinary experience, he started, the tears in her eyes. I am sad to leave. We were all together in fact, it is not formed as one. And I am very sad also, because I let Katrina and it has been one of the most beautiful encounters that I’ve made in a long time, (…) extraordinary, artistically and humanly speaking.” Before adding, with emotion: “My trophy, I have it in my arms.”

Olivier Minne and Katrina Patchett do not position themselves as next-to-last place in the standings, with 27 points, in front of Julien Lepers and Silvia Notargiacomo.


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