Friday, October 28, 2016

Lactalis wants the butter and the butter’s money, but not the critics of“special Envoy” – Télé

Lactalis was involved in a number of"special Envoy" dedicated to the resilience of small producers. The dairy group has obtained from the Tribunal de grande instance de Laval that the reporting is prohibited from redistribution.

” This is the story of one of the arms of iron… lost in advance “. Thus begins the story ofSpecial Envoy October 13, dedicated to the group Lactalis, entitled ” The butter, or the butter’s money ? “. A document including the dairy group, just to prevent the replay, by virtue of a decision referred to the Tribunal de grande instance de Laval. In question, of the passages relating to the private life of the president of Lactalis, Emmanuel Besnier, that ” have no link with the situation of milk producers which was the subject of this story “, according to the press release from the group.

In fact, the team of’Special Envoy, did not receive a response to its requests for interviews, had approached the castle mayenne belonging to the boss of Lactalis, filming a stove hidden camera (which is said to be paid at the minimum wage (Smic), and then flying over in a plane the vast area of 40 acres (with a lake, a swimming pool, an equestrian centre, etc).

If these are the images that the tribunal has specifically pointed the finger, it is the story that has pissed off the leadership of the dairy group, who believes that he ” comes, unfortunately, capping off nearly two months of an intense campaign of vilification launched against the Group, accumulates misunderstandings and fillings, wanting to make believe to the viewers that Lactalis is responsible for the crisis in the milk production and the difficulties encountered by the producers “. And to denounce a ” misrepresentation [which] is a disinformation unacceptable “.

screen Capture

For the viewer, which is unacceptable, and what would rather see, as explained in the report that a family group opaque (it does not publish its accounts), which is 17 billion euros of turnover in 2011, the profits amounted to 330 million euros, according to Special Envoy) seems to be strut take it to the throat of the small milk producers.

The subject is based on the resistance of three farmers, who seek to make common cause to escape the contract unreadable that their offers Lactalis (” this is on purpose so that it mixes the brushes “), at the price of a litre bought at 29 cents (while below the 34 cents they sell at a loss) and a system so pernicious that, if they produce more than expected, it is up to them to pay the surplus… that Lactalis will still collect, transform and sell !

one of The farmers explains his ras-le-bol : ” I can no longer stand being taken for a slave just good for work, and to which we give the crumbs he left behind, and especially if you want to give “. He has decided to no longer purchase products Lactalis (President, Rouy, Lepetit, Lanquetot, Bridélight… or, in a joint venture with Nestlé, La Laitière, Yoco, Flanby, Diet…), and encourages consumers to do the same.

In addition to the judgment, Lactalis indicates that it intends to continue France 2 ” to obtain redress “ in the face of remarks that were deemed ” defamatory “. In the meantime, it is no longer possible to see this number ofSpecial Envoy, except to look on Youtube. And condition to hurry.


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