Monday, October 24, 2016

Christopher Marlowe’s acknowledged co-author of a trilogy of Shakespeare – BFMTV.COM

Long suspected to have contributed to the work of Shakespeare, the English playwright Christopher Marlowe will be shown as co-author in a new edition of the trilogy of “Henry VI”, announced by the university Presses of Oxford Monday.

research carried out since 2009 by a score of international experts, including Gary Taylor, of the University of Florida have determined that 17 of the 44 plays of Shakespeare were written with the help of one or more other authors.

Marlowe main author of the First part ofHenry VI

Shakespeare and Marlowe will have their names co-exist on the covers of the three parts a new edition soon to be released, after experts have confirmed that Christopher Marlowe, so far presented as a rival to Shakespeare, had participated in the writing of the three parts.

“many researchers had suspected since the 18th century, but we had until very recently no way to prove it, explained Gary Taylor. We have identified Marlowe as the main author of the First part of Henry VI. In the Third part, Shakespeare is the principal author, which is why his name appears in the first”, he detailed.

The experts have made use of large databases compiled over the last twenty years in order to better compare the texts of different authors. They were thus able to identify terms and phrases used more by a playwright by the other authors, said Mr Taylor.

many Of the works in the blur

theories on the subject abound for a long time, attributing it to another contemporary of Shakespeare, the philosopher Francis Bacon, the authorship of some of his works.

The influence of Christopher Marlowe in the work of Shakespeare has divided the experts. It is in all cases to put things in perspective: Marlowe, author of The Tragical History of dr. Faustus and the Jew of Malta, was murdered in 1593, when the last of Shakespeare’s plays have been published twenty years later.


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