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“Brassens Word(s)”, the homage of the 16 actors at the poet sètois – Franceinfo

It is an idea of Louis Chédid and the grand-niece of the great Georges, Eve Cazzani. The approach to the thirty-fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Georges Brassens, they say they might on this occasion intitier a disk of times. But rather than go for the usual fans of the bear sètois among his fellow singers, Louis Chédid would prefer to go to the private actors. Not of The Forest so, no Marcel Amont, of Renaud, not of Pierre Perret in this family reunion, but a very elegant procession of actors and actresses to the well asserted personality. François berléand with his, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Karin Viard, and Julie Depardieu and Guillaume Galienne are part of the trip. There are in all sixteen have lent their voice an d talent as a performer in the songs of Brassens.

The result is rather pleasant. Sung or spoken, the texts of Brassens, poems to write, engraved, here are both respected and processed. And these occasions bring a new denial scathing to everyone, it still remains, who claim that “Brassens, it is always the same ! “. If, indeed, Georges Brassens arranged almost always drives the same way, voice on guitar and bass, just listen to the jazz adaptations, or even the Latin of his pieces to realize the wealth hidden under the simplicity of the production.

Report :Mr. Vial / G. Minangoy / F. Fountain

Always there

Unlike those of many of his contemporaries, the work of Georges Brassens has not aged. Probably because when he wrote its songs, the artist is not formed in any mode, are not reflected in any way in the air time and, let’s face it, building a work from another era, between Villon and Baudelaire, between the Middle Ages and the glass of absynthe. He speaks of love, sexuality or Death, his verses are still relevant because they speak of the human condition. This condition that does not spare those who lived in the time of the Court of Miracles as the one that runs through the life of the nose on a smartphone.

Story : L. Hakim / D. Dahan / E. Defeuver / E. de Pourquery / J. Cohen-Olivieri

17 songs, including one collective

Listen and watch the song “friends first” performed by André Dussolier, Audrey Tautou, Catherine Frot, François berléand with his, François Morel, Guillaume Gallienne, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Julie Depardieu, Karin Viard, Léa Drucker, Lionel Abelanski, Michel Bouquet, Michel Fau, Pierre Richard, Roger Dumas, Valérie Bonneton. the

The list of performers and songs in order of CD

Jean-Pierre Darroussin : “I have an appointment with you”
Karin Viard : “Dying for ideas”
Michael Fau : “The pornographer”
Guillaume Gallienne : “prayer”
Audrey Tautou : “bad reputation”
Pierre Richard : “traffic”
Michel Bouquet : “There is no happy love”
Catherine Frot : “La complainte des filles de joie
Lionel Abelanski : “I am made all things small”
Roger Dumas : “from my tree”
Julie Depardieu : “The gorilla”
Léa Drucker : “The lovers of public benches”
François Morel :”The not-request in marriage”
François berléand with his : “The time has nothing to do with the case”
Valérie Bonneton : “Song for the Auvergne”
André Dussolier : “Supplication to be buried at the beach of Sète”
All of the performers : “friends first 221;

The cover of l'album "Brassens Word(s)"

the cover of The album “Brassens Word(s)”

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