Sunday, October 23, 2016

Olivier Minne disappointed to be eliminated from “DALS”… Beryl leaves Koh-Lanta to the general surprise… –

Olivier Minne and his dance partner Katrina Patchett. – Malo / TF1

The disappointment of Olivier Minne eliminated from ” DALS “

He has spent a lot, but it remained below the level of its competitors. Olivier Minne is therefore the first candidate to have left Dancing with With the Stars, at the end of the second premium. It is in the tears, and it’s a lot of sunk on the plateau of TF1 in the course of the evening, that ended the participation of Olivier Minne in the dance program. The host tv has not hidden his disappointment and at length, thanked Katrina Patchett, his partner, who still had time to teach him some steps…

Beryl leaves the adventure, Benedict finds the ring gold

This week, the test of comfort was the mythical tasting. Suffice to say that the candidates were not exactly thrilled of having to swallow a cockroach, a worm of coconut tree, a tarantula and grilled an eye of a marlin. Benedict has won, but under a condition : he could choose to leave to the discovery of a region known for its pepper and go to the meeting of the farmers and send someone to try to find the gold ring, or visit treasure Island to search for this famous ring, or even take advantage of its comfort and send someone on the island in his place. Benedict has chosen to go looking for him-even the gold ring, found it, and offered his award to Alexandra and Ludivine. Benedict qualified for the orientation, so it can continue its adventure with serenity. He hopes to eliminate a ex-yellow, and it is Beryl which makes it the fresh, feeling betrayed…

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