Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Case Morandini : deadlock in iTELE, still on strike – ladepeche.fr

The drafting of iTELE, on strike for the second day in a row against the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini, should know more Wednesday about his future, the executive must present a new editorial line which could give more space for entertainment.

the number two in The group Caal+, Maxime Saada, will be meeting Wednesday morning, the journalists of the channel, which called for the suspension of the facilitator, indicted for “corruption of a minor, aggravated”, but also more means to raise the chain, the hearing of which is stagnating at under 1%.

“It’s going to come and present a project to Cnews (the new name of iTELE from Monday) and should without a doubt come with the human resources directorate to provide initial conditions because many wish to leave the chain”, told AFP a journalist under cover of anonymity.

On the other hand, departure of Jean-Marc Morandini, it is not a question. “Morandini is here and well here,” said the executive, whose remarks were reported by journalists.

Wednesday “will be a key moment. This may look like a social plan in disguise,” said Yann, a JRI of the string, queried by AFP.

This meeting will be followed by a new general assembly.

“The new line could see a rise in entertainment, this could push some to leave,” says Lucie, a freelance writer, so that the brothers Bogdanov have been sighted in the corridors and met with the leaders of iTELE.

“When I see someone like Morandini, whose rigor and the seriousness can be questioned, I’m pretty worried about what will become of this chain,” says Antoine Genton, president of the Society of Journalists (SdJ).

The journalists have received the support Tuesday of the socialist deputy Patrick Bloche, who encouraged them to resist Vincent Bolloré that it considers the strategy “counter-productive”, in a maintenance Release. Senator PS, David Assouline has denounced “an operation to destroy the drafting of iTELE and standard-setters to Channel+”.

The facilitator controversial since Monday evening at the head of the “Morandini Live”, exclusively dedicated to media, and who has not said a word about the strike to iTELE.

open Conflict

Despite the strike, the show did pretty well for his first broadcast Monday evening: some 104.000 viewers were in front of their screen, according to iTELE. “The show has doubled the number of viewers on this schedule, where usually 50,000 people watch the channel,” boasted Jean-Marc Morandini in his blog.

The writing is in open conflict with management since the confirmation on 7 October of the arrival of the facilitator, indicted for corruption of minors aggravated. Another investigation has been opened on castings doubtful, sexual harassment and work hidden.

A new witness has emerged this week in the magazine Les Inrocks, that of a young man who has been “heard as a witness’ by the police on facts dating back to 2000, when he was 18 years old, and who has not filed a complaint, reported Tuesday a source close to the investigation.

“This testimony, which focuses on the facts prescribed, came to enlighten the context of the investigation for corruption of minors involving Morandini,” added the same source.

Infuriated by the arrival of Mr. Morandini, the drafting of iTELE had voted at 92% on a motion of no confidence against his leadership, the second in four months.

on Tuesday, the journalists of the channel of the Canal+ group have voted 81% for continuation of the strike. This is the second in the history of the chain, after four days conducted in June to protest against the announcement of the reduction of a quarter of the workforce.

Preferring to spend journalists unhappy rather than Morandini, the management has opened a possibility for a “conscience clause” (with benefits) for those who refuse to work with the facilitator.


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