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Light 2016 : Catherine Deneuve is back on the set of her career – AlloCiné

The event of the 8th edition of the Grand Lyon Film Festival, it is, of course, the coming of Catherine Deneuve, who, despite his temperament is reserved, has lent itself to the game of the masterclass and press conference.

Friday, October 14, 2016, the orchestra and two balconies of the Theater Célestins in Lyon were chock full of fans came to listen to Catherine Deneuve to speak of the whole of his career. She does it so rarely! A standing ovation has naturally welcomed the coming of the star, which was hosted on stage by Thierry Frémaux and Bertrand Tavernier.

Truffaut, Buñuel, Téchiné, Desplechin… Catherine Deneuve was plenty of choice to impress the assistance of anecdotes stunning on her journey. But the actress, a woman of few words, prefers to capture the essence of the filmmakers to which it is linked in a few formulas chosen with care.

“There was a lot of film with François Truffaut, who was very fond of the actresses and actors. It was his passion, his life. He found that the film was more interesting than the life. We did not agree on it because I’ve always found that life was more interesting than the movie.”

==> Price Light 2016 : Catherine Deneuve praised by world cinema

The actress legendary has been able to show self-deprecating humor to relax the atmosphere. In speaking of the various scandals that take place so often at the Cannes film Festival and which are now amplified through social networks, Catherine Deneuve recalled that she was not fond of sensational or buzz. And when Bertrand Tavernier cast : “You’re not Donald Trump”, it responds with distributed : “Except, perhaps, for the wick !”. The trait of mind was a hit.

The next day, in the local Market of the Classic Film, the face of the Lumière Institute, Catherine Deneuve has received a few journalists for a press conference about three quarters of an hour, the time to answer the questions that had not been asked the day before. It is in this context that we have been able to ask him our own…

Three questions for Catherine Deneuve

AlloCiné : A filmmaker was not mentioned yesterday in your masterclass, but it has still offered one of your first roles mythical. You even handed in your price yesterday. What memories do you keep of your work with Roman Polanski on Repulsion ?

Catherine Deneuve : You will find that I am not talking about a lot of Roman Polanski ? (Laughter) each time you ask me who are the filmmakers, the most important of my career, I answer Jacques Demy and him. I don’t have a particular memory, because I have no required book for this film. I was very young and struck by her strength of character and his personality, especially. We shot it in England. He spoke a little English, but not much. Me, still less. There was also the screenwriter Gerard Brach, who doesn’t speak a word. We formed a small trio French within a production completely in English. A particular link is necessarily woven between us. Novel we spoke in French most of the time. What is most amazing is his taste for the actors and the direction of actors. And, at the same time, he had the same requirement for the sound, the light… It was demanding and difficult, but he knew exactly what he wanted. It really is very brilliant which I was very impressed with.

Can you tell us about one of the great missing of the year, David Bowie, your partner on the screen in the Predators Tony Scott ?

David Bowie, it is a memory quite distant and vague. In Predators, we are a couple in which I do not take of age and is aging prematurely. I was mainly in contact with him on this shoot incredible when it was four hours of makeup in the morning. I have always had an approach that shifted with him. It was very secret. Not very communicative. He was with his friends and his entourage usual on the shoot. You can’t say that I have really known. There was always this shell between him and me. A true shell.

What are your intentions of setting the stage for the remake of The Output of the Light factory in Lyon, which you’ll realize in a few minutes? This will be your very first film !

Whoa, I’m afraid. (Laughter) But you have reason to ask the question because actually I’ll have to ask me also, and in a few moments… I’m going to approach it the simplest way, when I’m physically in front of the place. This is not a feature that we are going to do. (Laughter) But I think of it anyway… I’m not going to tell you more, I still don’t have the cutting head.

The trailer of the Predators with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie


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