Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moved, Catherine Deneuve dedicates its price Light to farmers – The Parisian

Il had to wait eight years for the Light Festival to honor a woman, which is more, an actress. Deneuve, 72-year-old succeeds Martin Scorsese. She received Friday in Lyon the Price Light from the hands of director Roman Polanski. Totally unexpected, the icon of French cinema has dedicated his price to farmers.

VIDEO. Catherine Deneuve dedicates its price Light to farmers

First woman to win the prix Lumière

“She speaks fast as if he had to get rid as soon as possible (…) the others look a bit frozen to the side, well, not all, not Gerard, not Marcello,” he has launched Vincent Lindon in front of the audience. “Miss Deneuve, you’re a little more than a woman (…) you’re so touching, so original, so reassuring”, he continued.

Dressed in a black dress leaving guess her tattoo in the nape of the neck, Catherine Deneuve with her daughter Chiara Mastroanni), received the award from the hands of Roman Polanski. “I love you Catherine”, he said.

“In all the films I’ve chosen to show in Lyon during the Light Festival, editor’s note), there is a film by Raymond Depardon, which is called “Profiles farmers” and I dedicate this award to all the farmers of France,” she added, in a tribute that was wholly unexpected in this profession in great difficulties.

VIDEO. Profiles peasants of Raymond Depardon

earlier, during a masterclass in the setting of the théâtre des Célestins, she was yet not to be a “committed woman”. “I am committed to abortion, against the death penalty, but we can not say that I am truly a committed woman. I never committed for political, but for causes”.

“You’re not really Donald Trump ?”, had bounced the mischievous filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier. No, “the wick”…

“give up a little”

His choice: “it is first of all the story and the stage directors”. “The idea is still to let it go, to give in a bit”, she explained during the exchange rare with its audience.Citing Truffaut, Demy, Lars Von Trier, she assumes, HER producer, the one who knows best, this is André Téchiné. It particularly appreciates “My favorite Season”: “I loved the relationship with Daniel Auteuil, brother/sister”.

Not speaking, almost never the other actors, Catherine Deneuve has rather given details of his relationship with the directors. Licensor just to AFP that “his favorite actress” was Marilyn Monroe.

After the controversy of Dunkirk, the Cannes

movie buff bulimic, she sees “a lot of French movies and asian”. A confidence that resonates necessarily in this festival dedicated to classic movies and paid homage to him. “I like to go to a movie theater and sit in the dark, in this atmosphere, with people that I don’t know. (…) I am lucky to live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of cinemas”.

She also remembers this avant-première of La Grande Bouffe at the Cannes film festival. She accompanied the team and especially Marcello Mastroianni, the father of her daughter, Chiara. “I was quite bewildered by the violence, there is a woman that spat on Ferreri (the director, editor’s note). It is a film that is disturbing but at the same time, Cannes is very special because at the time it is the people of cinema and, at the same time, it is the public of the city of Cannes.”

“They are still individuals,” the Cannes, “this is very different from the Côte d’azur”, she continues before Thierry Frémaux, director of the Institut Lumière of Lyon and also general delegate of the Cannes film festival, the cup, half-amused, half-worried: “you tweet it”. After you have annoyed the City of Dunkirk in may last by associating it with sadness to cigarettes and alcohol, Catherine Deneuve could be a repeat of the Cannes….


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