Friday, October 28, 2016

Lily-Rose Depp : “I love reality tv ! “- Gala

To see her so comfortable in front of the lens of photographers and on movie sets, it’s easy to forget that the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp was only 17. Yet, in the magazine IT this week, Lily-Rose talks about his daily life and his evenings. Past not a nightclub, but in front of the tv reality shows ! Like all young girls her age…

Lily-Rose has not finished to make it a talking point. the poster on the 16th November of Planetarium the new film by Rebecca Zlotowski to the sides of Natalie Portman, the young actress gave to the magazine IT a long interview in which she confides about his career, his parents and his desires for the future. in Addition to confidences on his painful past of anorexic, the young woman also spoke of lighter topics. Laughing to see to soon become more famous than his parents, she told that becoming an actress was her destiny rather than a choice : “ Child of j‘I wanted to be a princess, a spy, ballerina, actress, model, painter, stuff. Actress, c'is a way to do everything. ” We imagine that Lily-Rose has today, a calendar is more than loaded.

This does not prevent her to go to see movies and listen to music, like all teenage girls of her age : “ J‘like gangster movies, goodfellas, Casino, Usual suspects. J'listen to a lot of rap (…) and frankly, j'listen to songs of my mother ! “Lily-Rose has also admitted, a little ashamed :” Jlove reality tv, c‘is atrocious ! “With a preference assumed for the cooking shows, thanks to which she became a better cook than his mom :” The emissions of food, j‘look at every night. (…) I also looked at the issue of chiefs, I am a super chili and a bolognese super good ! My bolo is much better than that of my mother ! ” Addicted to social networking, passionate about reality tv and brimming with energy, no doubt, Lily-Rose is a young girl of 17 years like the others.

photo Credit : Olivier Borde / Bestimages


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