The journalist Laurent Ferrari. – Stéphane Grangier – C8

” I’ve always explained at all general meetings. I believe that the right to information is a right that I don’t see me interfere. Personally, I feel that I can’t go on strike. “Laurence Ferrari has entrusted Saturday in C hebdo, on France 5, which has not voted for the strike iTélé while the editors of the news channel continues its mobilization for nearly two weeks.

” I respect fully the right to strike, and I am supportive of my colleagues, and never, I would come up with the idea of shedding it “, continued the journalist, iTélé, which must co-host, with his partner of BFMTV Ruth Elkrief, the second debate of the primary right and centre, Thursday.

Ruth Elkrief, also invited to C hebdo supported Laurence Ferrari about criticisms made against him by Christophe Hondelatte, it was a week in It is not lying. “Is it that you find that it is very appropriate to begin to call people to give them lessons ? (…) Is that there is room for settlements of accounts at the level of journalists ? “she annoyed.

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