Antoine Genton (black jacket), president of the Society of journalists (SDJ) of iTélé at the rally in front of the string of info, at Boulogne, on 25 October 2016. – CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP

The mobilization did not weaken. The employees of iTélé voted this morning (Thursday continued their strike for the 11th day in a row, with 76.9 % of the voters (90 votes in favour on 117, 22 abstentions) until Friday morning, announced that the Society of journalists (SDJ).

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” We got into a tussle with Bolloré. But he never lost his life. In the end, it’s going to be a slaughter, ” laments, in the columns of the Paris this Thursday, a presenter for the channel.

Towards a sale ?

According to an information from our colleagues of Days, Matthieu Pigasse says he is ready to make an offer to repurchase of iTélé if Vincent Bolloré decided to put it up for sale. In the spring already, a rumor had been circulating claiming that the boss of the New editions independent company owner of Inrocks, and shareholder of the group The World is looking at the chain info of the Canal +group.

The employees of iTélé resumed Wednesday negotiations with the management of the chain. In addition to the departure of the facilitator of the controversial Jean-Marc Morandini, they are claiming a code of ethics to ensure their independence vis-à-vis their main shareholder, Vincent Bolloré, and more ways to revive the chain, heavily in deficit.

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