The Miss Weather “Grand Journal” surprise guest “Key not at my post” C8

The greater anyone continue to the Canal + group and to the antenna from its chains. In the first episode, remember, Cyril Hanouna is guest Wednesday at the Grand Journal to settle accounts and make the kiss to Stéphane Guillon. In vain. In the second episode, we redo the same, but by changing a little bit. The show, hosted by Victor Robert wanted him to make his own coin, by the intermediary of his Miss Weather.

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At the time of his chronicle, Ornella Fleury is simply lifted to go on the shelf next to that of Key not at my post. What a surprise for Baba (or any actor) ! The objective was, one, that the facilitator makes to the skipper Yvan Bourgnon, as a guest of the Grand Journal the day before, the air time that it was stolen by his response (he gave a cheque of 1,000 euros to the project), and two, he apologizes by doing the weather Channel +.

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so This is where we is. In business, it’s called synergy. On television, we call it an awkward moment, yet one. But then, that Le Grand Journal brings together barely 100.000 viewers every night, why not go further, the merge with TPMP. Or make it a mere chronicle, like the “monitoring Station” of Camille Combal. If Vincent Bolloré pass by there and that the idea pleases him, go ahead, it’s free.

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