Thursday, October 20, 2016

When Stéphane Guillon treats Cyril Hanouna dictator Korean – The Point

This could look like a sketch ofquiet, the satirical Canal+. But in fact, everything is real. At least, everything can be played directly on tv sets and on the social networks. The media war between Cyril Hanouna and Stéphane Guillon was still raging on Thursday after the intrusion of the first on the plateau of the Grand Journal and the leak of the second, on Wednesday evening. In a letter posted on his Twitter account and entitled ” The Kim Jong-il from C8 “, the name of the dictator Korean death in 2011 and the father of Kim Jong-un, the comedian is back on this moment a little grotesque.

” While I am invited to the Grand Journal to talk about my show, Cyril arrives and privatizes the antenna (after having given his word to the production of the Grand Journal that he would not do), points out Stéphane Guillon… pathetic Attempt to retake the hand, because my video yesterday has made the madman (three SMS raging). Attempt to play the guys meek and friendly. However I had answered in a tone of humor and without malice to the revelation populist of my salary. “

the host of Key not at my post, the columnist would receive 10, 000 euros by chronic (lasting five minutes) in the program Hello Earthlings of Thierry Ardisson broadcasted also on C8. Guillon was replicated in a video.

Cyril Hanouna would it have drawn its information for Jean-Marc Morandini, newcomer of the Canal+ group, which made its debut Monday on i>Tv ? Because on Sunday, the salary of Guillon was at the heart of a battle of tweets between Jean-Marc Morandini et Muriel Cousin, the wife of Stéphane Guillon. The comedian had attacked the facilitator enmeshed in scandals related to castings. Morandini had replicated. “Alas, I do not earn 10 000 euros by chronic as your husband on C8 who spits on his employer. I don’t have the means. “

Hanouna ” methods mafia “

” But the Kim Jong-il to C8 do not like that he resists : I will go into force, it all belongs to me, I’m home ! in Short, you leave the entertainment to methods mafia, ” says Guillon, who publishes a text message received on his phone that would come to Hanouna and would have been sent to Thierry Ardisson, producer Stéphane Guillon (you always follow ?). It refers to threats similar to those which had been the victim Julien Cazare, who officiates on Canal+ in J + 1, one of the emissions football of the string.

” I preferred to go, not to give a sad spectacle to the public of Victor Robert “, he adds him to explain (sincerely ?) as ” the fighting cocks of the landernau tv no one cares about “. This feud of ego in a group (never-before-seen, even at the time of the war Ardisson/Fogiel, time All the world speaks vs You can’t please everyone) will at least allow Victor Robert to see his audiences to climb (155 000 viewers in the first part, 233 000 in the second). But the image of Canal+, already wounded by the strike of i (hearings divided in two since the launch, flight of advertisers), may be affected. The circus that is television is not the best example of synergies between Canal+ and C8 are expected by Vincent Bolloré !


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