Monday, October 17, 2016

Towards and against (almost) all, Jean-Marc Morandini made his debut at iTélé – The World

Put under investigation for corruption of minors aggravated, the facilitator presented, Monday, its new show, ” Morandini Live “. It has been carried out with the assistance of technicians from Canal+.

Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna of i-Tv,  Monday, October 17.

With the strike of his writing passed in the morning of Monday, October 17, i-Tv was from the mid-day service minimum, with the replay, interspersed with pages of advertising, features political, societal, and cultural. Yet supported until the end by Vincent Bolloré, the largest shareholder of Vivendi, owner of the chain, Jean-Marc Morandini, indicted for corruption of minors aggravated, has presented at 17 h 58 his new show, ” Morandini Live “.

One will have been surprised to see, however, Thomas Lequertier, present, up to 18 hours, after a short introduction of Mr. Morandini, a newspaper – and at 18: 30. The journalist, through clenched teeth, do not “restart” but not Mr. Morandini, who will give to him, with a big smile forced, a false confraternel ” Thank you, Thomas ! “. Another highlight : a page of advertising was broadcast during ” Morandini Live “.

According to our information, Mr. Morandini had happened in the premises of i-Tv in the afternoon, by the car park in the basement of the building, accompanied by body guards. Contacted by The World at the end of the afternoon, journalists from the channel have confirmed that the programme had been carried out with the assistance of technicians from Canal+.

so far, the design was spartan, and incidents – launch in particular – have marred the course of about 45 minutes hosted by Mr. Morandini.

Interventions in fake duplex

While we could believe that the presenter had wanted the artifice of bogus and quite disingenuous duplex within a studio, it is in fact the use of cameras that automatically forced to this device, specified in the World of the members of the editorial board of I-Tele.

It would seem that Mr. Morandini has been mine to take advantage of this fact to maintain the ambiguity of a duplex with a ” policy expert in Los Angeles “ which, by repeating that she lived in the United States, it lent itself to suggest that it was there.

But as Rachel Bourlier – whose ” indiscretions ” were neither gossip nor news unpublished –, Linda The Hrar was appalled by the emptiness of his words, a ” analysis ” compared to the first debate of the candidates in the primary of the republican Party and, in the United States, who opposed Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

The thread of the hashtag #MorandiniLive, on Twitter, that Mr. Morandini was first invited viewers to power, has been the site of critical and ferocious insults of a rare violence. In the second part of issue, the facilitator has not restated its invitation for comments from viewers.

Mr. Morandini, whose professional image is at the least subject to criticism, had the opportunity, for this show, hosted by a concert of protests, to try to show that it was might be able, on a string of serious information, something other than what we know of him.

Recycling of formulas and disguised as a promotion

But, the set of his show proved to be a great platitude, with false information – immediately corrected by the users and topics to well-known tunes : a fake channel surfing, but without the intelligence of the one, on Canal+, Vincent Bolloré has been deleted, a minute promotion of the dismaying ” Guignols de info “, a sequence (personal and very givers of lessons) “I mate-I zaps” in Cyril Hanouna, etc

We will be on the evocations of sex crimes alleged to have Donald Trump, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a pretty bad taste given the troubles facing Mr. Morandini with justice. But the worst of all of this is focused during the interview (in true duplex this time) with the moderator, M6, Stéphane Plaza.

live from one of his many real estate agencies, Mr. Plaza was done by simply visiting its premises – up to a shower – and announced ” in exclusivity for “Morandini Live” , repeated, bright eyes, M. Morandini, the amazing scoop, according to which he would have celebrated surely the thirty years of M6 during a show hosted with his ” great friend “ Karine Le Marchand.

But we will remember in particular this sequence annoying, and without the slightest interest as to the words exchanged, it was a gigantic self-promotion for the network property of Mr. Plaza.


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