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Before the closure of the Vine, here are some videos that we will remember – Franceinfo

A video of six seconds, streamed in a loop : it is to this that looks like a Vine. But it will be soon in the past. The team of this mobile application, announced his passing Thursday, October 27, in a blog post on Medium (English) as well as on Twitter.

The end of the application, which was acquired by Twitter in late 2012, is not immediate, but will occur “in the coming months”. users of Vine will receive a notification when the changes will be effective. If you are part of it, don’t worry : the videos of six seconds already made will not disappear. “You can access your Vines and upload them. We’ll keep the site online”, specifies the team of the application.

Since its launch on Twitter in January 2013, Vine was met with an immediate success. To avoid that the Vines memorable doesn’t fall into the oblivion of the internet, we list those that we will remember (this list is not exhaustive !).

A dip in a hand

A young boy jumped into the water from a diving board. When suddenly, a hand appears to grab the plunger and throw it in the pool, a little further away. This Vine was created by a young American, Christian Leonard.

This video is “magic” has had a lot of success. It has been “likée” more than 230 000 times on Vine and is picked up by 140 000 people from the first day of its release, June 16, 2014.

magic tricks

another American has managed to learn the codes from Vine to create small magic tricks in the video. Clothes that become transparent, or change color, animals, and objects that arise in computer screens and mobile phones : with humor and malice, Zach King makes videos bluffantes since 2013. Here’s the latest, posted on September 18, 2016.

for nearly four years, each Vine is a success. He had managed to gather a loyal audience. In some Vine, Zach King is also showing the audience some of his tricks.

The Vines of a young French

The Americans are not the only ones to shine on Vine. The account of Jerome Jarre has become famous. This young frenchman living in the United States, over the age now of 26 years. The principle of short videos is very simple : it is staged in the streets of american, and goes to the encounter of the passers-by to scare them or laugh, sometimes even two, explain les Inrocks

Although his latest video date of October 2015, followed by $ 8.6 million subscribers.

The Vine of Alain Finkielkraut

Alain Finkielkraut has recently turned in a loop on Vine. The sequence of the philosopher hectic place de la République in Paris, during a group meeting the Night Stand, in April 2016, has been taken over and diverted, as reported in the Express. Came incognito to get an idea of the mobilisation, activists have invited Alain Finkielkraut to leave the place. A activist trafficking, even of facho. The intellectual replies : “gnagnagna, pauvre conne!” This scene has a lot of laughs on the web.

The Vine of the post-Brexit

The Vine can also be used to summarize a situation. This is the case here, with a selection of Vine that have seen the light of day after the British decision to leave the european Union, in June 2016, echoes The World.

it is the stage for a David Cameron suffered a setback policy.

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