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Vimala Pons, acrobat leader – Liberation

cinema Arrive On tiptoe, Vimala Pons is first the body moving as movies and unveiled that subsequently affirmed by the word. Object of desire in the girl of 14 July Antonin Peretjatko, actress there was a mute appearance in tightrope walking on glass bottles. After the amorous acrobatics Vincent Thomas Salvador has no scales, it recently occurred in a young woman’s number on the wire in a plane As Bruno Podalydès. This week in I am to you right now Baya Kasmi, it plays a charitable DRH who ends up sleeping with employees it laid off, to console them.

Crossed by a tragic fantasy, Vimala Pons, almost 30 years, working to juggle both vocations, circus and cinema, balancing body and brain research approach. “Fascinated by the movies very young”, she is first registered art history and film at the University of Paris VIII in Saint-Denis, hoping to become a writer and why not enter the competition the Fémis. Finally admitted to CNSAD it then branches off to the National Centre of Circus Arts.

“The circus already liked on TV, little, she justifies. It has in common with the cinema to be a new language that can express all the arts. It touches me. “After graduating, Vimala Pons participate for six years the young collective Ivan Mosjoukine creates Today [notes on the circus], vibrant company deconstruction forms of performing arts.

“The head and the nerves.” partial epileptic treatable, strange for his profession, actress grew up in India in the Kerala region at the instigation of parents working with elephant breeders (“nothing to do with the circus,” she says). Revenue in France, she spent her adolescence in Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) and now lives in Pigalle. His filmography reveals predisposed by its discipline circus to comedy genre to which it prints a comic tempo and expressive plasticity, pure heir to a burlesque which starts with an economical speech and uncontrollable figure, along the skid.

“I am very happy, it helps me to live, I like lightness. Being an actor, he is the head and nerves that work together and that we must try to maintain the balance, “ summarizes Vimala Pons, evoking his craft as a small disordered precise mechanics. “Better not put it in words, but rather make a move and not move in expected manner,” adds the filmmaker.

In 2011, she began cinema in the short film of the writer Baya Kasmi I could have been a whore, Genesis I am to you right away. She recalls their meeting: “We were both very, very distressed: my side, something sounded very strong in what she wrote, that humor can be a way to exist, an art to live that allows to break the cycle of automation of life. “This new film is to date his first real leading role, with a character, Hanna, who” puts his foot in it gracefully, “said-t her.

Elegance. Coming soon to a traffic jam feature films from Paul Verhoeven to Michel Leclerc through Bruno Podalydès, she found, actress mainly revolves within the hexagonal young auteur cinema (Antonin Peretjatko, Betbeder Sébastien Bertrand Mandico). In early October, during the Nuit blanche, it will present in the XVIII th district of Paris with his buddy, Tsirihaka Harrivel a Grand Journal incomplete inspired by national anthems. And continues to juggle between the stage and the screen: “Finally, I am often in-between fictions, poetic and tragic, which suits me: it’s a way to show others how life happens to you.”

Clémentine Gallot


“Anina” strange dream about a palindrome – The Point

What is it?

Anina, is the first name of this tiny girl with shaggy hair and bright eyes. Anina Yatay Salas. She hates this triple palindrome – a word which can be read both ways – that form his name and his first name. Anina is also a small production Uruguayan, adapting a novel by Sergio López Suárez, an initiatory tale about education. Anina is punished after being beaten in the playground with the one everyone calls the elephant, Ysel. As punishment, the school principal gives each a sealed black envelope. They do not have the right to open for a week. The film Alfredo Soderguit oscillates between fear and curiosity.

Why are we talking about?

For this dreamy heroine, burning to live his own experiences. To the discovery of a distant city, Montevideo, its middle class, his school, and his embittered old. For the aesthetics of his images with faded colors and new textures. For a deliberately slow pace, quiet, allowing time to enjoy the scenery. To finally know what it means word palindrome. For its soundtrack which distils over scenes from his grace. After eight years of work, the Uruguayan filmmaker book a very different feature films usual child and breathes new life into the animation.

In it worth it?

Anina by this sparkling charming and funny main character who is a spectator Uruguay post-crisis. Through dreams and hopes of his heroine, Anina reveals the modern Uruguayan life. We guess the remains of a still lively economic crisis, an archaic educational system changing. We follow learning this wild girl, who asks, is lost, is mistaken, grows between insolence and maturity. The director of Kirikou and the Sorceress and Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest , Michel Ocelot, advised Alfredo Soderguit when developing the film. “I guess all children strained to the screen, heart pounding – it’s their world and their problems – and out of the projection soothed, reassured, and ready to live their lives well,” he says . With such a spokesman, the French public may visit theaters September 30th with confidence.


Nicki Minaj, soon a series on his life! – Screenrush

Nicki Minaj, his life, his work in series … soon!

This winter, the singer Nicki Minaj turn his first TV series for ABC Family. It will be a sitcom that will return to his childhood and his family arrived in the US in the 90s.

The singer and actress is actively seeking to present the small ideal girl to play its role in this series.

Nicki Minaj itself should play in this series. It thus adds a string to its bow, though it had already been acting recently in Triple Alliance

== & gt. Nicki Minaj in Triple Alliance: discover an extract from the film in which she appears

Nicki Minaj also produce this series yet untitled, no release date

When Nicki Minaj is the Mad Max was playing with David Guetta …

Video clip Nicki Minaj


Versailles: Anish Kapoor poses in Dirty Corner – Le Figaro

British artist responded to the 4th degradation of his work by a controversy selfie Avenger group. The debate is not likely to subside.

Despite his fiery temperament deemed Sir Anish Kapoor remained reserved after the announcement of a fourth degradation in the night from Sunday to Monday, his work decidedly controversial, “Dirty Corner,” asked since June on the Green Carpet of Versailles.

The time for reflection or whatever, more warlike, the response? British artist that loved Paris at the Grand Palais in 2011 and part of Versailles violently disputed for months, responded by image.Et what image! In “visual artist”, he took his critics at the foot of the letter.

He posted yesterday on his Instagram account this photo insolent. A direct response to those who renamed his sculpture “The Queen’s Vagina”. Some see the shape of the heart qu’abordent fans of selfies. Others, in contrast, welcomed “Viva la Vagina” and applaud this gesture crudely offensive to the Pussy Riot.

No caption Kapoor comes to a unilateral sense to this group photo . It reminds performance agitprop his friend Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist whose resistance to power became the emblem political hero of the art currently triumph at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Previous? This parodied with handcuffs and black humor of the movie “Gangnam Style” of Korean Psy. A performance tour as a rather trashy musical mini-comedy in the same courtyard of his studio in Beijing, with its team of dedicated employees and even his most introverted European gallery.

Contemporary Reference to caves grotesque

This photo was taken at Versailles even within the sculpture “Dirty Corner” huge cornucopia patinated steel whose original title was already gnashing of the teeth of the faithful and the royal estate many heritage advocates … Before the controversy will replace him the infamous title of “Queen of Vagina” qualifier which immediately ignited the powder and the artist has repeatedly denied vain. Four deterioration later in the tumult of this growing public debate and repeated vandalism, we forget that this cave is a contemporary reference to caves grotesque. Given the steps of the castle, this “Dirty Corner” recalls the baroque tapestries by its abstract mosaic of colors and alternating rust, green, magenta pink.

This group of selfie not likely to calm the spirits. Frontal attack against an artist stung with his friend Jean de Loisy, president of the Palais de Tokyo, we highlighted last May “the charming bad boy”? The selfie meets the very heart of the object of the offense, the British artist, his companion, the Japanese landscape and landscape historian Sophie Walker, two gallery owners, the charming Lorenzo Fiaschi which recently celebrated 25 years of its Galleria 104 and continued to Mennour Kamel, reference the French market. Big smiles, mocking small committee and esprit de corps.

Spirit schoolboy

such a publication came across the Channel It is unclear how could clean up the heated debate on art in public space in France.

Note that – common sense, subject to its function or sense of responsibility require – Catherine Pégard, President of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles, not in this avenger group portrait. Is she even aware of this picture? She has discovered the same time as those in perpetual network on the net? One thing is certain. It does not help him in his role as President of institution and host power while she kept a diplomatic reserve since the beginning of the case “Kapoor Versailles”.

Also note that the photo was probably taken after cleaning the first yellow paint jets in June and before the massive anti-Semitic graffiti appeared in early September. Testimony of a schoolboy spirit worthy of the early years at the Fine Arts, this picture is wisely remained private until now. Publish on Instagram today gives another sense, necessarily more bellicose. This morning, 307 subscribers had already clicked “like”.


Jérémie Renier in “Neither earth nor heaven” impressive force and madness – Télé

The Belgian actor is the poster of “Neither earth nor heaven” Clement Cogitore. Since its revelation, teenager, by the Dardenne brothers, he multiplied the compositions chameleon actor, varying genres and pleasures. At 34, he is about to get behind the camera.

Finished cutting the military square, Jérémie Renier today has a woodsman head. Beard and shaggy hair – the golden straw for the needs of a role, of course. “A kind of hippie or anarchist before time, in the film Fély Renaud, author of Pauline and François Belgian actor reveals. “I will be a faithful companion of Francis of Assisi who, like him, has nothing to be as free as possible. Detached from any belonging, both stand up against inequality, want to change the world. “ Is there the soul of the monk-soldier or crusader in Jérémie Renier? He has already struggled body and soul in Third World priest Elefante blanco, Trapero. He also fought, gun in hand. The first time was in The Great Man, Sarah Leonor, singular story of initiation, where he was a curious legionnaire, but not very mature empowered by the accidental adoption of a child. World of the antithesis of a Brussels childhood “the cool”, between parents “osteopaths and sixty-huitards” and a very concerning school attendance, that it leaves before the tray. Far as his training to the fine arts, where he says, “I mainly spent my days smoking joints.”

A challenging shooting

Yet’re back the military mission to Neither heaven nor earth, Clement Cogitore (in theaters September 30), hallucinatory war film on the edge of the fantastic where it is impressive force and madness. At the head of a French section control and monitoring in a remote corner of Afghanistan, Jérémie Renier plays a captain faces a number of unexplained disappearances of soldiers. A tough guy, whose control is roughly obsession undermined and finds himself forced to “dig and turn things in his heart.” “Physically, the film was really challenging, he says. I have some time to get over it. It was 40 degrees, we were in the desert, we had 30 kilos of kit on his back and walking on rocks all day. Clement wanted that energy and fatigue are the most realistic possible. “ It even describes how these extreme conditions have welded the team, how he insisted that everyone call him” captain “even outside the plans. There, he discovered how easy it is to kill (“ it is a very sensitive Famas assault rifle, causing barely back with bullets are “pout pout” “) How was this kind of mission can traumatize and galvanize both. ” These soldiers are waiting and mostly bored. The perversion is that basically they hope that something awful happens, that will make a story. There is this fantasy of being walk-in action and then to tell it. “

Trailer of” Neither heaven nor earth ” Clement Cogitore.

From this experience with a different filmmaker whose career as a visual artist has pleased him, and his career in general, he speaks calmly, so asked. Taking his time to answer questions. None of the usual anxiety or seduction strategies has filtered through our meeting. Spontaneous, feline, instinctive, Renier? Thoughtful, too. It’s hard to give it age (he is 34 years old in truth), today as yesterday. Ado, he looked like a little man desalted. Later, he was able to rejuvenate visibly to become a virgin ( The Adventures of Philibert …) or harden. He was very masculine or effeminate. Stiff or elastic, malleable body, perhaps a reminiscence of his time at the circus school in Belgium. In short, Renier is the typical profile of chameleon actor, able to imitate, to transform, to endorse thousand outfits without being caught out of clumsiness. Or cumbersome overexposure. If he has accomplished performance (Claude François Cloclo and Pierre Bergé St. Lawrence are), they have nothing frozen – her image miraculously remained a virgin. Neutral white as the mask of a clown. So what is the secret, Mr. Renier? “I think first I lean on the body, the face, Mass. It’s my way to pick the character, to believe in myself. I need to know how he stands, watching the others breathe. But it is not original. In the Anglo-Saxon or American cinema is very common. “ then think about its role redneck exploited, which can do more and that glides to the news item, freely inspired by the killing of Grand Bornand, Possessions (2011 ), Eric Guirado. Steeped in resentment, a silly scare, Renier had 18 kilos. More impressive perhaps, his sickly thinness The Silence of Lorna, Dardenne, where he was a poignant addict. “The 15 kilos I lost helped me. Thinking constantly about food made me feel the lack, addiction. I really realized that I could not feed kill me. “

Young wolf in a cabinet of” consulting “cop down to hell, son mom” crazy big “beleaguered father, pure hero in blue tights swashbuckling . It has varied pleasures, genres and registers. By winning his acting stripes always fair, strong, quietly but surely. Without fearing the large gaps between first auteur films and popular cobbled entertainment. He still young already a seasoned career (more than forty films!). He likes to move and make them laugh. “This is what brings the most. But in tears, it’s a little alone with his own emotions, while in laughter, there is sharing, it is at least two. I find it very exhilarating but dangerous, so much harder than doing the Dardenne. Do not lie and lie, to the actor, it is not so complicated … “

The contribution of Dardenne

At the Dardenne brothers, he owes much. The reverse is also true: The Promise (“the movie the last chance for them”) revealed them simultaneously. We will always remember, the untamed gouape 14, blond hair, fag in mouth and anorak who fiddled with his bastard father (Olivier Gourmet). Although he is proud of this pasolinien angel mob continues to be a mixed blessing – it still happens to be called “the kid from The Promise .” Fortunately, he as the Dardenne brothers have moved on, never leave altogether. Together they made four films. A fifth is being prepared, with Adèle Haenel. And, pretty symbol of reciprocity, those it “have learned humility, work, being constantly in research” are now poised to become its producers …! For Renier will soon get behind the camera, with his half-brother, Yannick (six years older). It’s an old dream: teen, he not dreamed of becoming an actor but the director – he kept turning small action films or horror with a Hi8 camera. Carnivores is a project they wear for a while. This is the story of two sisters, one living in the shadow of the other and dreaming of taking his place. Mélanie Thierry and Sara Forestier are expected to cast. Is this a second career looming? Everything is possible, since it has no age.


Neither heaven nor earth: “Beyond religion, beyond the military, a film that touches the identity” – Screenrush

Neither heaven nor earth: “Beyond religion, beyond the military, a film that touches the identity”

War Movie? Fantastic movie ? Metaphysical drama? Neither heaven nor earth, unclassifiable film, presented at the Critics’ Week in Cannes, out on screens this Wednesday. We rencontréJérémie Rénier and its director Clement Cogitore

Afghanistan 2014. Approaching the withdrawal of troops, Captain Antares Bonassieu section and are assigned to a control mission and monitoring in a remote valley of the Wakhan border of Pakistan. Despite the determination of Antares and his men, control of this sector will gradually calm supposed escape. One night, soldiers start to mysteriously disappear in the valley

== & gt. When the young French auteur cinema breaks the code

At the crossroads of war film and fantasy, Neither heaven nor earth marked the Critics Week 2015 ., a singular work, the feature debut of Clement Cogitore, visual artist, director of several short films noticed

== & gt; Jérémie Renier: “! You get this ch *** and felt on the screen”

Screenrush met with Jérémie Renier , main role of the film and the director. Discover our interview.

Screenrush also met Swann Arlaud, one of the film’s revelations

Swann Arlaud Interview


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

“Tough Enough is a gift for fans of the series B 80s!” – Screenrush

Guillaume Gouix speaks passionately of “Enraged” thriller Eric Hannezo worn by Virginie Ledoyen and Lambert Wilson, in your rooms this week.

In Cannes last May, Guillaume Gouix us by his enthusiasm for the film of Eric Hannezo, also carried by Virginie Ledoyen and Lambert Wilson. Story of a robbery gone wrong, Enragés released in theaters today. Meeting.

Interview at Cannes, May 21, 2015.


A promising start: Manu Payet in a role against type? – Screenrush

With his long hair, his big beard and overweight, Manu Payet is revealed in a unique day to a promising start, the debut of Emma Luchini. Rather subscribed to comic roles, the actor shows a new side of his talent.

Adapted from the novel by Nicolas Rey, Promising early stages Martin (Manu Payet), alcoholic, too disillusioned to have loved and lived too. Martin returns to his father (Fabrice Luchini), a romantic horticulturist end of the race, and finds Gabriel (Zechariah Chasseriaud), younger brother of 16, exalted and idealistic, he will attempt to disgust to love, without release …

With this character, Manu Payet is showing off a unique day: physically transformed, with its neglected look, and in a rather dark role, a register in which the actor had not yet lent

== & gt. Manu Payet, the blind-test interview

With this good friend that sticks to the screen and in life, we say that A start promising is definitely a role against type … And yet the answer is not so obvious that to believe the person concerned and Emma Luchini, director of the film. Check out their response in the video above.

A promising start out on Wednesday. The opportunity to see the actress revealed in Alabama Monroe, Veerle Baetens

Veerle Baetens Interview

Interview at Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême in 2015


Judge orders deportation of Dieudonné his Parisian theater – Le Point

The court on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of the controversial polemicist Dieudonné Parisian theater of the Golden Hand, requested by the owners of the hall, where he produced for 15 years.

The polemicist, convicted several times for anti-Semitism, defamation or incitement to hatred, will however immediately kicked out of the theater, the court did not request that the sentence be executed immediately.

The High Court of Paris “orders in the absence of voluntary surrender of the premises, the expulsion of society Bonnie Productions and any occupier “of the premises, including the company Dieudonné, Les Productions de la Plume, the room on the passage of the Golden Hand, in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, in a judgment consulted by AFP.

The lawyer owners, SCI Golden Passage, had noted that when they acquired the site in 2011, the company was Bonnie Productions who held the lease. Now, operation of the room actually seemed to meet the company Les Productions de la Plume. In addition, the company Bonnie Productions was temporarily removed from the commercial register in September 2013 for retirement.

Noting that the “lease prohibits subletting” and there was “no insurance for two years, an extremely serious fault in a theater,” the lawyer of the owners, Dominique Cohen-Trumer, had demanded the cancellation of the lease and Dieudonné immediate expulsion of the room.

In addition to the offense of having “sold the lease or sublet the premises” recognized by justice, the court also sentenced Tuesday society Bonnie Productions to pay compensation equivalent to the amount of the monthly rent until the actual release of the premises.

However, the court did not require ” provisional execution “of the judgment, that is to say the immediate expulsion.

The lawyer of Dieudonné François Dangléhant, immediately announced his intention to appeal” to cancel . this illegal decision “

– Without base? –

At a hearing in June, the lawyer had denounced an operation “mounted to expel Dieudonné”, lambasting the owners for having “never refused as The Plume Productions pay the rent 13,000 euros a month. ” As for insurance, he claimed that there had been “pressured to make terminate”.

If it were placed at the door of the theater of the Golden Hand, Dieudonné could be without drop point: he comes to engage in a new legal battle against the owner of a rented room by his company in Saint-Denis, near Paris, where he was expelled

The polemicist assigned in chambers the owner of this new hall for the “restitution of places and their rehabilitation.” The owner, SARL Ateliers Christofle, the lease was terminated by reporting “of a defect of consent”, not knowing that it was going to happen there that Dieudonné and refusing “to promote business shows that sows .. hatred “

This case will be heard Friday at the Bobigny court

While waiting for the result of the court drama, the show goes on stage at the Main d’Or: Dieudonné occurs there until the end of December in “In peace,” a show where he “opposed to the existing system more” but “absorbed, transcends,” the mailer. Far from his most noisy provocations, as the scene invitation to the historian denier Robert Faurisson.

In addition to its multiple convictions, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was indicted for fraudulent organization of Insolvency laundering and misuse of company property. He was sentenced to more than 60,000 euros in fines for anti-Semitic remarks in a different line of cases and rare measure, one of his shows was banned in early 2014.

09/29/2015 6:06:46 p.m. – Paris (AFP) – For BOUDERBALA Sofia – AFP © 2015


Dieudonné expelled from the theater of Main d’Or by court – Le Figaro

The verdict is out, but the polemic has decided to appeal. It should continue to happen in the Parisian venue, since that appeal is suspensive.

Dieudonné could not happen at the Main d’Or where he gave performances for nearly fifteen years. Indeed, the Paris Civil Court ruled for the owners of the theater of the XIth district, who had demanded the expulsion of the polemicist and orderly “failing voluntary surrender of places, the expulsion of the Company Bonnie Productions and any occupant its leader, including the company Les Productions de la Plume, so situated 15 passage of the Main d’Or in Paris. “

However, the polemicist has decided to appeal which will prevent him immediate expulsion said François Dangléhant Reuters, since “the appeal is suspensive,” said the lawyer.

The owners of the Golden Hand criticized the controversial comedian to have sub rented the room. Their lawyer, Dominique Cohen-Trumer, had noted that when they acquired the site in 2011, the company was Bonnie Productions who held the lease. Now the operation of the room seemed in fact be made by Les Productions de la Plume.

Noting that the sublease was prohibited by the lease and that there was ” no insurance for two years, an extremely serious fault in a theater, “counsel had demanded termination of the lease and eviction of Dieudonné of the room.

The polemicist have prepared such an outcome: Sunday, September 27, he organized an open house at the theater, which he called “lowest of the low” on his Facebook page. For the occasion; he invited on stage his friend and manager, the very person who was on stage in 2008, disguised as a Jew, to deliver a Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson price.

Dieudonné could now find themselves without a base since it comes from engaging in a new legal battle against the owner of a rented room by his company in Saint-Denis, near Paris, and he was expelled.


Water would flow to the surface of Mars –


CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – Water would flow to the surface of Mars during the Martian summer, according to a study published Monday. If its source and chemical composition remain unknown, this discovery could revolutionize the perception of this planet and give credence to the existence of life on Mars.

The scientists behind the discovery have used a new technique to perform chemical analyzes of the Martian surface using data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

They say they have found traces of salts that form in the presence of water in channels running along cliffs located in the Ecuadorian region of the Red Planet.

These flows, the existence of which was spotted in 2011, appear in the warmer months and they disappear when the temperature decreases.

“I thought there was no hope,” he told Reuters Lujendra Ojha, a student at Georgia Institute of Technology and lead author of the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Lujendra Ojha and his colleagues created a computer program capable of studying the pixels one by one. Their data was then confronted with high resolution pictures of the flows.

“We are not saying that we found evidence of liquid water. We found hydrated salts,” he said.

These elements, however, have been enough to Nasa said on Monday that one of the mysteries of Mars had been lifted.

“This suggests that it would be possible ‘there is life on Mars today, “said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator of NASA for Science, referring to the work published by Nature Geoscience.

” Mars is not this dry and arid planet as we once thought. When certain conditions were met, liquid water was found on March, “said Jim Green, director of science at NASA planetological.

The US agency has not provided the intention of hastening its programs to study the residues and salts of finding traces of life.

“If I was on a microbe Mars, I would not go probably not live on one of these sites. I would stay further north or south, far enough below the surface, where glaciers are more likely to provide fresh water. “

(Irene Klotz Nicolas Delame for ,; the French service, edited by Tangi Salaün)


Dieudonné will remain at the Golden Touch? Justice slice today – Le Figaro

The polemicist know today if he can continue giving his shows in the Paris theater where it occurs for almost 15 years.

At noon, Dieudonné could have no more room in which to produce. The owners of the theater of the Golden Hand, where he gave his shows for 15 years, sought his expulsion from the room. Justice slice today.

Before the Civil Court of Paris, the lawyer of Dieudonné François Dangléhant, in June asked the judges to reject the terms of the assignment by the owners and pronounce the nullity of the proceedings.

The owners blame mainly to the controversial comedian to have sublet the room. Counsel for the owners, Dominique Cohen-Trumer, had noted that when they acquired the site in 2011, the company was Bonnie Productions who held the lease. Now the operation of the room seemed in fact meet the company Les Productions de la Plume.

Noting that the “lease prohibits subletting” and that there had “been no insurance for two years, an extremely serious fault in a theater, “counsel had demanded termination of the lease and eviction of Dieudonné of the room.

The lawyer of Dieudonné, Me Dangléhant, s’ protested against “a surge operation to expel Dieudonné”, lambasting the owners for having “never refused the Plume Productions pays the rent, 13.000 euros a month.” As for insurance, he said that there had been “pressured to make terminate.”

If it were placed at the door of the theater of the Golden Hand, Dieudonné could be without drop point: he comes to engage in a new legal battle against the owner of a rented room by his company in Saint-Denis, near Paris, where he was expelled

The polemicist has assigned an interim owner of this new room for the “restitution of places and their rehabilitation.” The owner had reported the lease stating “a defect of consent”, not knowing that it was Dieudonné who would produce it and refusing “to promote a company shows that sows hatred.”

In April, the comedian suffered the same fate in a Brussels theater, where he had hidden the true nature of his show to happen there, before being forbidden to show by justice Belgian.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was repeatedly condemned for defamation, insult and incitement to hatred and racial discrimination. He was also sentenced to 22.500 euro fine for anti-Semitic remarks in one of his shows. One of them had also been banned early 2014, a rare measure.


Monday, September 28, 2015

NASA says the discovery of liquid water on Mars – RFI

It takes the form of brine flows along the Martian craters and canyons. These dark cast were known for some years, they came and went with the seasons, we do not understand well the cause. A “mystery Martian ” finally resolved, it is water which moistens a substrate made of chlorate and perchlorate magnesium and sodium perchlorate. In short, it darkens, which betrays the presence of liquid water, a bit like a concrete slab would be watered.

An index of life?

We already knew there was water on the Martian surface, but the form of ice at the poles. The presence of liquid water, if it were considered, is a real discovery. Consequently, can it be the source of life? A priori, no. These brines chlorate would not be viable for organizations, depending on what is known about terrestrial biology. Even if it does not stop surprising us with its versatility, notably the so-called extremophiles, organisms which, as their name suggests, are surviving in hostile places so that scientists do not understand how.

However, it must be that this water come from somewhere. There is two ways: up or down. The Martian atmosphere is too dry and thirsty to be the source of this water, though the exact composition of the lower Martian atmosphere is still to be clarified. A phenomenon as simple as the morning dew is not excluded. But the most likely hypothesis is that of the soil.

We have strong reasons to think that in its past, Mars was very wet, with oceans and rivers. Today, this water is evaporated into space or turned into ice at the poles. However, it is not inconceivable that the Martian subsurface always contains underground water pockets, a bit like terrestrial groundwater.

Comments refining

This is as many tracks to explore. The rover Curiosity NASA is now in what is called the Gale Crater, near one of these flows. Unfortunately, it has not been adequately sterilized: NASA feared he could embark with him terrestrial microbes that could contaminate the site. This raises the question of whether to deviate from the course to go see a little more closely. “ The matter is still under discussion ,” says Catharine Conley, who advocate global Nasa. His job is to ensure that objects sent from Earth to other worlds do not contaminate.

Finally, there is the next mission of the European Space Agency to the red planet . Named ExoMars, it will send a rover equipped with a drill two meters long to the Martian surface. Launch planned in 2018.

Timeline and key figures


The discovery of water on Mars opens the way for a manned trip “around 2030″ – L’Express

From reliable sources: there is water on Mars. NASA had promised a sensational announcement for Monday, September 28, she did not lie. The US space agency claimed to have evidence revealing the presence of salty liquid water on the planet Rouge.

In the journal Nature Geoscience , American and French scientists have detailed the discovery. They found minerals signs “hydrated” -nécessitant the presence of water-in impressive dark marks on the surface of Mars. See the animation showing the evolution of these “dark traces” on several Martian seasons:

Beyond confirming almost certain presence of water on Mars, a hypothesis supported by long many scientists, this discovery revolutionizing the understanding of the red planet. It also boosts the ambition to send men to Mars and the search for extraterrestrial life form.

How this evidence she was discovered?

The information required for this discovery were obtained using the images provided by the observations of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. This device NASA, equipped with a spectrometer, allowed the scientists to conclude that “Mars is not the dry, barren planet we thought it was.”

Is there life?

Not so sure, because liquid water is not enough in itself. To grow properly, life also needs a balanced temperature, a sufficiently large severity, the presence of an atmosphere etc. But as FTVI remember, there are on Earth, including Antarctica, bacteria capable to grow and reproduce in similar humidification to those observed on Mars.

Soon a trip to Mars?

“Our exploration of Mars has always been guided by the search for water in our quest for life in universe. Now we have convincing scientific evidence that validate what we suspected, “said John Grunsfeld, a former astronaut and Associate Administrator for NASA.

Are we going to send men to Mars? Comments shall suggest that “Mars has the resources for future travelers,” said John Grunsfeld. So it is “possible” to organize a human mission “in the near future,” he told NASA. Reddit’s community site -where NASA organizes a cat – scientists from the US space agency will even further by giving a date “around the 2030s.”


Water still flows on Mars – Le Figaro

A Nasa probe has found indirect evidence that saline water flows on the flanks of the reliefs of the red planet.

Mars is no longer the death and desert world once thought about since his overview by Mariner 4 in 1965, trumpeted Monday night Nasa at a major press conference. Analyses conducted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the US space agency, just brought the first indirect evidence that water in liquid, still flowing regularly on the surface of the red planet. Flows made possible craters on sides by a high concentration of salts, which can lower the water melting temperature.

Traces of flows on Mars slopes had already been discovered in 1997, but has since realized that they were caused by dry ice and not by any liquid. The studied flows today are very different: they are smaller, do not dig the slopes on which they descend, and above all, they appear and disappear in summer in winter, showing that the phenomenon is not only active at the moment, but also sensitive to temperature variations. Which suggests the action of a liquid, rather than any other process, whether the wind or mere superficial landslides.

 Traces of xe9 & #; coulement on the slopes of crat XE8 & #; re Garni

Traces flow on the slopes of the crater Garni Photo Credits:

Since the discovery of these seasonal flows in 2011 by Alfred McEwen of the team at the University of Tucson (Arizona), on images with very high resolution MRO, most experts believed that the liquid in question had to be water, but without having no proof. And in particular, the spectrometer MRO does not detect the spectral signature of water in these regions. “The problem is that these dark flows that appear in summer on warm slopes of the craters are up to 5 meters wide, the gold CRISM spectrometer we work with has a resolution of 18 m wide, says Marion Massé , post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics of Nantes, and one author of the study published Monday afternoon in the journal Nature Geoscience . It is therefore theoretically very difficult to say whether what we see is real or due to an artifact. My colleague Lujendra Ohja has solved this problem by observing the same point at different times, which can detect seasonal variations. “

As a dehumidifier

” It’s in this way that Martian summer, during the period of activity flows, it detects hydrated salts, perchlorates, which then disappear in winter, “says Marion Massé. Indirect evidence that very salty water, brine, flows at these locations. “It’s a very interesting observation, because the presence of salt explains how water can be liquid on Mars, where the atmospheric pressure is much too low,” says Nicolas Mangold, a specialist in Martian geology and planetary science laboratory Geodynamics of Nantes. Furthermore, the detection of perchlorate is far from absurd because these salts have already been detected directly in the soil of Mars, the Curiosity rover, but also the Phoenix lander of NASA. “

But finding water in liquid form is also arise many questions. In particular, where this water come from? The favorite hypothesis Lujendra Ohja and co-authors is to appeal to a phenomenon of decay: the salt content in soils absorb moisture from the atmosphere, as do the white pellets that are used in a dehumidifier, and begins to flow in the form of salt water when saturated.

“The priority target for future missions”

“It’s very interesting, welcomes Nicolas Thomas, spatial imaging specialist at the University of Bern (Switzerland), these areas of seasonal flows have clearly become priority targets for the next Mars missions. “

However, despite the enthusiasm of NASA suggesting that this type of moist environment could host primitive life forms, the idea seems very far-fetched. Because the salts in question contain chlorine, a potent antibacterial agent. What “clean” immediately all life attempting to emerge.


Versailles: “the vagina of the Queen” degraded again – Le Point

“minor” damage has occurred on one of the stone blocks of Dirty Corner , the sculpture of Anish Kapoor exposed in the gardens of Versailles and vandalized several times in recent months, Does said Monday at the public institution. “This seems to be a scratch to the nail on a gold leaf masking the anti-Semitic graffiti on one of the rocks located around the sculpture,” said the direction of the castle. “There are three engraved letters, a B, an L and an A and the beginning of a fourth appears to be a million,” said management. She was not able, at this time, to say when this entry was made. “It happens that we have such as scratches in the Hall of Mirrors, doorways or on park benches,” she noted.

Dubbed by some media the ” vagina of the Queen, “ Dirty Corner , a monumental steel trunk 60 meters long to the obvious sexual connotations, is surrounded by several stone blocks, part of the work. The sculpture has been vandalized three times since June. It was notably degraded September 6 by large anti-Semitic inscriptions traced with white paint. Anish Kapoor asked, firstly, that these insults are not withdrawn, saying that now “these infamous words were part” of the work. But following a court decision, the tags had been masked by black cloth. The artist had then asked one of its teams to cover them with gold leaves.

After the first two degradations, new security measures have been taken to protect the controversial work : patrol dog handlers, police patrols, additional surveillance cameras. An investigation has been entrusted to officers of the departmental safety of Yvelines

LOOK reporting of Point , made in June.


Anish Kapoor: the “Vagina Queen” degraded a 4th time – Le Figaro

The work controversy exposed to Versailles, already the victim of three acts of vandalism, has again been targeted in the night from Sunday to Monday.

How is this possible? At Versailles, the relentlessness towards Dirty Corner British artist continues again and again. In the night from Sunday to Monday, the artwork was attacked for the fourth time.

This time it is the expression “blame” which was included on one of the sheets gold for covering the ancient graffiti. Following a court order demanding the withdrawal of tags, Anish Kapoor had indeed chosen this aesthetic response to repeated damage suffered by Dirty Corner.

Catherine Pégard, President of the Estate of Versailles, had however assured in the columns of Le Figaro that security around the work, renamed “Vagina Queen” had been increased.

In charge of the investigation, the departmental security (SD 78) survey of extreme right, but has yet identified any suspects.

Every night, three people responsible for monitoring of the installation.