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Maïtena Biraben and FN: behind the skid, a change line? – The world

The hostess of the “Grand Journal” Maïtena Biraben, is covered by a controversy for having raised twice during the show, Thursday, September 24, speech “truth” the National Front, in which, she says, “The French recognize.” Simple awkwardness of expression or media-exploited revealing sentence? Difficult to answer. Eric Dupond-Moretti to the lawyer that M me Biraben questioned that day, the controversy is “moron” . For his part, joined by Le Monde Canal + has chosen not to comment. Ms. Biraben it, assured that his expression meant “the form, not the substance” of the National Front speech

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At a time when the string is scanned because it has changed hands since the arrival of Vincent Bolloré at the head of Vivendi, several sequences of” Grand Journal “involving of FN leaders have recently been taxed complacent. On the show September 9, a subject, shot the previous weekend at the summer school of the National Front, showed the journalist Cyrille Eldin joking with Marine Le Pen and other executives. A few days later, on September 15, Maïtena Biraben receiving Robert Ménard, mayor of Beziers, presented as “a pro com” .

” bobos left a string “

The host of the” Grand Journal “is aware that Canal + has a chain of image of” bobos left. ” And links with treatment of the FN, as she told TéléObs in June, when she was in charge of the “Supplement”

” If there’s one person I expect is Marine Le Pen. It will not come on Canal +. It considers that it is a chain sores left and I pastures. I certainly bobo but nobody can say if I left or right. I repeat: it is welcome in the supplement when she wants. “

Maïtena Biraben also clarified his vision of journalistic treatment of the FN:

” I do not understand this controversy is to consider whether or not to interview the personalities of the FN. If this party is permitted, I do not see why I Pincerais nose to receive his elect. They owe us accounts, no more no less than those of other parties. “

She also dreams to host ” Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron, Matteo Renzi, Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates or Vladimir Putin. (…) I forbid myself anything. “

Against a Canal +” arrogant “and” Parisian “

The personal approach claimed by Maïtena Biraben is especially significant in the context of great expectation around the line of the “New Channel”, taken over in July by the businessman Vincent Bolloré. Since their arrival at the head of Canal +, Bolloré and his men insist that the channels of the group should avoid being too “cleavages” with particular political or religious subjects. At the direction of Vivendi, back thus wants to turn a Canal + described as too “arrogant” and “Parisian” .

These qualifiers are reminiscent of those very recently qu’employait Marine Le Pen or Eric Zemmour to talk about the chain. In recent years, the president of FN chose to target Canal +, making the chain a symbol, in his view, the “conformism” and “ready-to-think”.

This did not prevent him from often accept invitations of the chain, well before the arrival of Maïtena Biraben the “Grand Journal”: she visited four times in the talk show from 2004 to 2011 and since 2011 at least once a year, but not so far in 2015. She was also invited at least three times the morning of i-TV this year.

In its relationship with Canal +, M me Le Pen has regularly directed its hostility to media she described populated by “horrible sores” . The tension was particularly strong with “Le Petit Journal” it – without success – sued in 2011 and whose journalists were repeatedly turned away from events organized by the FN before that an issue team or assaulted during the party parade the 1 st May 2015. In February, M me Le Pen, interviewed during a trip, assured same: “I do not answer to Canal +. “ More generally, M me Le Pen has multiplied heated exchanges with figures of Canal + as Michel Denisot or Anne-Sophie Lapix, who had difficulty setting in January 2012 in Sunday . +

The memory of the eviction of Eric Zemmour

This rocky relationship with the FN – the chain is not the only one: Mediapart Le Monde or France Inter, among others, also suffered its critics – was she intended to appease? Words Maïtena Biraben, released live, not enough to establish it.

Since July, the Canal + takeover by the new boss Vivendi was accompanied by a hint of motivation policies. Mr. Bolloré has been accused of wanting to remove “Puppets” to please his friend Nicolas Sarkozy, it denied

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But the vision expressed by Vivendi in a chain that should not exclude categories of people – spectators and customers – evokes the argument as a radio RTL to justify keeping the antenna Eric Zemmour, regarded as embodying a current of opinion. The previous management of the news channel Canal + group, i-TV, since sacked, was illustrated by his ouster of militant essayist end of 2014. A decision that had displeased with the direction of Vivendi.

For September, the appointment to the chief editor of i-TV Guillaume Zeller – Mr Bolloré faithful passed through the Direct 8 channel but also close the Traditionalist Catholic – fueled by internal Fears of a rightward shift of the information chain.

At a meeting, a journalist of the chain asked Mr. Zeller if Patrick Buisson, Maurrassian former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, could arrive on the chain. The managing editor strongly denied, raising his voice. And since then, he assured the High Council for Audiovisual, as Mr Bolloré, i-Télé produce information “impartial” , “balanced” and not partisan. . So no marked right but not left either

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The next few weeks of the “Grand Journal” and development of Canal + channels and production show whether the takeover by Vivendi also marks a shift of image and line.


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