Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The “little accident” Stromae panics social networks – Le Figaro

REVIEW TWEETS – Since the cancellation of the concert of the Belgian singer last night in Minneapolis, media and fans have massively relayed the news on the Web, and share their support for the singer.

In the middle of his US tour, Stromae singer had to cancel the concert in Minneapolis yesterday after a “slight accident “said one of his team members. It does not take more to Twitter than racing.

The public learned this disturbing news while waiting at the Belgian artist Myth Live Event Center, the room in which Minneapolis should it occur. Sad and frustrated US fans quickly it posted messages of support on Twitter:

On tour in the US since early September, Paul Van Haver- whose real num- continues to gain popularity . In recent days, his two new promotional videos shot in New York and Seattle, and carried out by his friend Jerome Guiot were massively relayed.

Even success for his video When it is , on cancer. So much that we must now be multilingual to understand all the compliments addressed to it over the network to the bluebird … yet he had criticized in his song Carmen .

The young artist exploded onto the international scene with his album Square root best sellers in France in 2013 and 2014. No details were disclosed about the circumstances of his accident in Minneapolis, nor on the following tour, which began Sept. 12 in Miami and which must still lead the September 25 in Detroit, 26 in Toronto and 28 to 29 in Montreal, before the grand finale at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York on 1 October.

Despite the limited information available, the US media, Flemish, French, etc. . were still eager to relay the story

On the Walloon side, the journalists treated the episode with a small nuance: it is a message of support they sent their ” national hero “, rather than a simple article about his health.

The record company Stromae, Universal Music, will give more details about his condition.


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