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Mustang Oscar: “What matters is less the nationality of the director that the question of values” – Screenrush

Mustang Deniz Gamze Ergüven was pre-selected to represent France at the Oscars. Why this film is a good choice for France and a candidate who has a chance?

Many imagined the Golden Palm Dheepan Jacques Audiard or the musical biopic of Margaret Giannoli … It’s finally Mustang was selected by the committee French selection to represent France at the Oscars. This choice was a surprise, especially because of the language of the film to know Turkish. Mustang is indeed a film shot in Turkey, Turkish language, made by a French-Turkish filmmaker, co-produced by France and Turkey.

Why this film is a good choice for France and a candidate that his chances? Producer CHARLES GILLIBERT (CG Cinema) explains this.

  • A film representing the values ​​of France

” The director Deniz Gamze Ergüven arrived in France at the age of six months. Franco-Turkish, she’s just returned to live in Turkey between 9 and 12 years. It was there, at the age of its main character, that she felt the experience of Mustang history. Revenue in France, she did all his schooling with, in the final, the prestigious film school, Fémis. There she met his writer Alice Winocour . They wrote Mustang entire scenario and decided to do it in France with a team of Fémis “explains CHARLES GILLIBERT our colleagues Figaro.

“This is a movie that celebrates education in response to some forms of conservatism. It’s a film that calls the youth not to submit when touched, fundamental freedoms. And it is especially a film that claims its openness rather than isolationism, “said he in the columns of Première.

He added: “Basically, what matters is less the nationality of the director that the issue of France’s values ​​his door beyond its borders, specifically for a film like. it can exist. It has also been feasible only with French producers and with a director who, having received a French education, was able to return to Turkey to film what she saw, heard, observed . From the point of view of values, Mustang is in line with those that defends France This is the kind of feature that the commission wanted to promote “

== & gt.. “Mustang? This is Turkey Virgin Suicides”

  • A public and critical success in France and abroad

After receiving a very warm reception at Cannes (where the film was presented at the Directors’ Fortnight), Mustang to date totals 450,000 admissions in France. That is a critical and public success, which continued to Toronto, where the film was just introduced.

“Since its first screening at Cannes, we had a strategy on the United States. We have multiplied the small projections out there with opinion leaders. They have received very well the film explains CHARLES GILLIBERT Figaro. Then we quickly hired lobbyists who have already experienced the election campaign of the Oscars. The Last year, my American distributor Cohen Media, made the campaign of Timbuktu Abderrahmane Sissako. In mid-September, Mustang has successfully passed the test screenings at the Toronto festival. This festival serves foreign films to test the taste of industrial and the American public. Every time when light kicking in the rooms, the team was entitled to standing ovations of more than ten minutes. “

The strategy is in motion to try to be included among the nine films that will ultimately be selected to compete for the Oscar for best foreign film. In recent years, the French candidates were not able to pass this course. The last film to have crossed the selection was A Prophet by Jacques Audiard for Oscars 2010.

“The role of women is problematic in Turkey” by Deniz Gamze Ergüven

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