Saturday, September 19, 2015

Is the Techno Parade has become tacky? – Le Figaro

This event brings together tens of thousands of dancers Saturday, September 19 afternoon. A parade that necessarily attracts lovers of techno.

“We are all on someone corny” jokes Tommy Vaudecrane when asked the question. The president of Technopol, an organization responsible for the Techno Parade, does not believe in the shortness of the parade. “The challenge has changed. It no longer seeks recognition of techno, we want rather to show that behind the electronic music, there is a real economic system. “

The Techno Parade was created in 1998, in a control framework recognition of electronic music. Labels and promoters to the streets to publicize the music so disparaged by the political class and hit many prohibitions. The movement is inspired by the famous Love Parade in Berlin on parade since the fall of the wall. “Hundreds of artists have benefited from appointment to show what they did. Techno Parade and participated in the launch of the “French touch”, says Tommy Vaudecrane.

The Techno Parade, utopia raves parties to the MP3 generation

Since then he has spent tens of tanks in the streets of Paris, and the reputation of the parade has changed. Jean-Yves Leloup, DJ and journalist on Radio FG, is the author of several books on techno. He observed changes From the utopia of rave parties to the MP3 generation , as one of his works. “For ten years, he explains, the Techno Parade has become an echo of the increasing popularity of electronic music in France. While in 1998 the mid-2000s, there was the need for a cultural vision of the movement. “

He acknowledged that the Techno Parade not really now attracts music lovers, but rather a young audience, “which has a specialist on popular culture music. And among many fans, we do not like to scroll and not wishing to participate in some sort of carnival. “

” The participation of personalities such as Bob Sinclar that some artists do not come “

Resident Advisor, the reference site for electronic music, offers a weekly review of evenings on Paris. Techno Parade and there is almost not mentioned. The techno fans will go shut himself up in clubs rather than parading between Port Royal and Republic. “The Techno Parade is not a cultural referent strong today, admits Jean-Yves Leloup. The techno scene is so much bigger. “

The reporter also mentions competition that puts the dancers in the annual parade. Thus the Weather Festival brought together hundreds of festival the last weekend in Montreuil around major producers of gender, (Carl Craig, Manu Le Malin, Dave Clarke, Phuture …). The Nemo festival of digital arts and the Red Bull Music Academy landed in Paris in October.

If some do not put their feet to the Techno Parade, it is also because they equate it to a appointment of commercial music. “I think that in the mid-2000s, the participation of personalities such as Bob Sinclar that some artists no longer come. For them, this is not the right way to express themselves, “analyzes Jean-Yves Leloup. Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills or Carl Cox were the first appointment in 1998. Playing the most elite clubs and festivals, they do not really have interest to come back …

In 2011, Bob Sinclar, publishing sponsor, opened the parade closed by … David Guetta. Two figures that symbolize a formatted music. Tommy Vaudecrane speaks of “pop stars that are visible phase electro, but we can not ignore.”

He took over the organization of the event in 2010 “after years of floating “He acknowledges:. Techno Parade, is as before. But he accepts the change, and a parade become “more mainstream”. This Saturday, 14 floats parade to the techno sounds of drum n ‘bass, trance and hardcore. 200-300000 dancers are expected. Mainly young people under twenty. “We made the audiences of tomorrow, Tommy smiled Vaudecrane. And has a long life ahead of us … “


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