Monday, September 14, 2015

A Swiss art dealer charged in France for receiving stolen works by Picasso –

Paris – A Swiss art dealer, Yves Bouvier, was charged Monday in a survey conducted in Paris on flights of works by Picasso, have we learned judicial source.

Charged with concealing stolen on a regular basis by a professional, a man of 52 years must also pay a deposit of 27 million euros.

This corresponds to the amount paid by the Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev to acquire several works by Picasso, including a Lady with a Fan.

A daughter of the artist, Catherine Hutin-Blay, daughter of the second wife of the painter, had filed a complaint in March, claiming that the works belonging to it had been stolen. She had been alerted by a restorer of Brazilian paintings.

Two years earlier, it had intervened at the request of an intermediary, on the Spanish master paintings that had him requested to restore and rub (mounted on a support).

It would be oils from the collection of Ms. Hutin-Blay, 68, who believed always stored in Gennevilliers, a suburb Paris, since 2008.

Once restored, the tables have joined the premises of a Swiss company owned by Yves Bouvier, to be exposed, and then sold to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

It expressed victim, explaining the have acquired in good faith.

In a statement, the spokesman Yves Bouvier, Marc Comina, argued in the good faith of his client. He said Yves Bouvier bought in 2010 two portraits in gouache and 58 ink drawings by Picasso (…) to a trust presented as being that of Catherine Hutin-Blay.

In today’s date, Yves Bouvier still think Catherine Hutin-Blay has authorized the sale of those works and the amount of the sale was received, said Marc Comina.

A contested by the complainant version, in a statement, ensures that he never consented nor received payment for sales of + Woman head + + + range in Spanish and 58 drawings, done without his knowledge. She is a beneficiary of any trust, and does not know Mr. Bouvier, according to this text

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