Saturday, September 19, 2015

The 17th Techno Parade bereaved by accident – FranceTV info

After his fall, the young man was supported by relief, but could not be revived. The tragedy occurred after the end of the Techno Parade. “All the tanks had already left the Place de la République” place of arrival of the parade, said Tommy Vaudecranne, president of Technopol, which organizes the event dedicated to electronic music.

Fourteen tanks and their “sound systems “with 60 DJs on view, Port Royal had left shortly after 1:00 p.m. for a 5K, which borrowed the Boulevards Saint Michel and Saint-Germain, to Republic for a finish that was expected around 7:00 p.m. .

Some environmentalists tanks to natural energies

According to the organizers before the terrible accident that spoiled the party, more than 350,000 people participated in the march, also placed this year under the sign of ecology, with several tanks using natural energies, prior to the global climate conference in Paris in December (COP21).

“I’m here to discover these great moments of cultural gatherings of young people, that they want to share such emotions. I do not ask people to share this 100% electronic music, but I invite them to listen, to look at what is in the process of inventing social bonds that develop ” , told AFP the president of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone who attended the parade.

This is the first time in the history of the Techno Parade that a president of the National Assembly took part in it. This year, the Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin was not present, held by the Heritage Days, while Jack Lang, the origin of this great techno festival in Morocco accompanied the President of the Republic, François Holland, depriving the first time of the event.

Several techno festival canceled this year

Reacting to several cancellations raves regions, denounced by the Technopol association, which campaigns for the recognition of electronic music, Jack Lang, reached by telephone before leaving Paris, said that “it must end with these excommunications and the demonization.”

“The Techno Parade contribute to reducing prejudice and ignorance, so that it is an extraordinary revival of the French electronic music, which is a richesseé, told AFP the former Minister of Culture. “It would have the government pushes a yell, clap fist on the table . to end these locks, which do not exist anywhere else in Europe “

” A bill will be submitted to parliament with the primary section: + artistic creativity is free +. There are not as responsible music scene, open, tolerant and peaceful as the techno movement, “said Jack Lang.

The 17th Techno Parade featured a panel of the electro scene, rich in multiple rhythms (house, dubstep, trans, drum’n’bass …). As part of the year France-Korea, Korean Mushxxx DJs, and DJ Soolee Guru, national stars, opened the parade.


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