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Death of Guy Béart: “There was top level” – Le Point

The disappearance of Guy Béart, Wednesday morning at the age of 85, has provoked numerous reactions. The singer-songwriter who began his career in the early 50s had bid farewell to the stage in January at Olympia. He is the father of actress Emmanuelle Béart

Alain Souchon.

“He was a singer, what wonderful thing in French singers, heirs of the song from the 50s … He was top level. It was music that seemed to have existed forever. It returned in the head instantly. There it remained as the rhymes of our children. It was simple harmonies and it was so well done … wonderful … All texts French songwriters are quite appreciative … There are a lot of songs that are not well known and are wonderful Sweet , Spring without love … It was beautiful, I loved … Always so well written, profound, so chic … It flowed source … there was something perfect in what he did … Besides, I was always amazed that we always talk a lot about Brassens and Brel, Nougaro, Gainsbourg, and he never … I’ve never understood that … “responded the singer on RTL.

Laurent Gerra:

About the special place that Guy Béart holds in the sketches of Laurent Gerra: “ Hello is Béart , yes it’s true! I had the chance to know him … I am very very very sad, I just heard like you there soon, and you know how much I like the song and poetry and beautiful melodies , and we have not said enough elsewhere that Guy Béart was one of those great poets. He wrote amazing songs. [...] There are treasures in his repertoire. Algoud with Albert, who is writing the sketches in the morning, I know we have a lot of admiration for Guy Béart, it has often had the phone, he even gave us tips for emissions, he told us You should do this … He was aware of the news. “

” I remember one show, I went to his home in Garches, and he told me Ah, well that you love ? So I said: I love Frederic Dard , and he told me: I’m doing a show with him , he had left the show, there were Pierre Doris Jean Constantin He knew … bringing people together around the table and sing. I think it was a real epicurean [...] An unusual character, a very special character. He noted everything at home while he noted, he retained all he had cash records. He was still writing, he always had this love of writing, the love of beautiful things, “said the actor on RTL.

Marie Laforet:

“This is someone who scored all the time I spent in the trade as We say. He was a friend, it was a center, it was a smart guy, he was a guy that we could talk, talk. It’s really a very important guy, and I do not know if there are still people of this quality … this depth and this lightness. He finally had a French spirit is being lost. He left us, and, that, that made me very sad at the time, and at the same time, it finally entered into Eternity and that, I think it’s a good thing, “has moved the singer on RTL.

Emmanuelle Béart:

Emmanuelle Béart in the book The big bang (published by Cherche Midi editions in 2013) , paid tribute to his father, whose “big eyes turquoise [were both] proud and insolent, soft authoritarian”. And who “refuted any staging arrangements, sophisticated lighting.” A man, she wrote, “without lies, without masks, without makeup, iconoclastic, anarchist, pure”

Manuel Valls.

Juliette Greco:

Juliette Greco on #guybeart “on tour, he dined alone. It was strange but endearing “# E1Midi

– Mathieu Charrier (MaTCharrier) September 16, 2015

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Jacques Attali

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