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“Heroes Reborn”: a resurrection, but no miracle – Télé

Output through the back door there are five years, the series superhero is back. See its early episodes, one wonders if it was worth it … To follow closely the news series, we offer criticism of US news as they spread across the Atlantic.

Who blown NBC had to do back Heroes ? What mysterious lobby, what eccentric advisor, hopeless nostalgic what convinced the chain Peacock give a second chance to the fantastic drama, one of the biggest waste of scriptwriting recent history of the series, (badly) closed in 2010 after four seasons in free fall? If the appetite for new episodes of X-Files or after Twin Peaks is undeniable (whatever our fears), no one thought to awaken the “cult” series (that’s a big word) Tim Kring.

We would be happy to quote his first season as a great visual achievement, a successful attempt to adapt the superhéroïque genre on the small screen. Resurrecting Heroes had only one interest: to correct past mistakes, pick up where the series was worth it. A mission almost impossible and futile, that risk is NBC since Thursday, 24 September. Always headed by Tim Kring, this return has managed to arouse the curiosity of ancient dreamers sweet fans and fans of a genre that has since exploded on TV.

Saving world, once again

Presented as an almost independent miniseries, Heroes Reborn looks more, according to its double opening episode, a sequel (a sequel , to speak French). The “Evos” (advanced) with abilities came out of the closet, accepted the authority in question … but have been freshly greeted by humans. Accused of all evils, hunted down, abused and sometimes killed as pests, they are forced to live in hiding. A situation worsened particularly since the “June 13″. When a massive bomb hit Odessa, Texas (the city of the Bennet family the cheerleader he had once saved to save the world), in the festival for friendship Evos / humans.

The story really began a year later, and follows a handful of characters bound by destiny to a great battle to save the world … an event “happens” (two kinds dying announce it, it ‘ is a bad sign). There are particular where a frightened schoolboy who makes people disappear, a young veteran of Afghanistan (a “hero”, a real, real war), a Japanese able to slip in a video game, in which two killers EVOS want to, and Noah Bennet, no news of her daughter since the attack. He is one of few ancient heroes of the original series who have re-enlisted with Hiro Nakamura, Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli or Matt Parkman

To summarize:. Heroes, uncomfortable with their authorities will learn to work together and will (probably) unite to save the world. They are much, they live all over the planet, they speak English, Spanish or Japanese, they must hide … In her new clothes, Heroes Reborn is trying to make us believe that it has changed . . Consider this too long introduction, we questioned

The first few minutes, confused, give way to a laborious narrative, which passes from one character to another and heavily illustrated entry – reluctantly – in their life “hero.” To keep overall, Tim Kring embroiders a long-term suspense, by implying that the “June 13″ was perhaps the beginning of something worse, a big global conspiracy. After these first 90 minutes, each advance in his corner, only connected to the others by the quest murders killers and anti-Evos survey Bennet, assisted by a shaggy fell conspiracy of nowhere.

Commendable intentions, but a story spread too thin

The nostalgia is indeed a moment. We smiled at the music so typical of e Heroes , we have fun when Mohinder’s voice rang late in the first pane. But it is especially the boredom dominates. It is hardly disappointed as it would have taken a miracle for the series is turning the corner. Tim Kring defends a vision of the world commendable, file a metaphor of abused minorities that resonates in our news – we can think by far the refugee crisis. But it has clearly not learned the lessons of the past: there are too many characters, too many mediocre players, too many intrigues, tension strung too hard, too many stereotypes, too many effects of staging failures (sequences of video games, very ugly) in this story too loose.

The central plot is not sufficient (1). We tried a time not live in the past, listen to Noah Bennet when he explains that the last thing (he) wants to do is have regrets . Nothing helps. Despite our few happy memories and the friendly Zachary Levi ( Chuck ), with a long face fashion here, there is not much in Heroes Reborn that makes us give a second chance to a series that was thought dead and buried …


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