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Johnny and Adeline: two marriages … and a rape charge – Le Figaro

The old heroine of the series Under the sun has accused her former husband of raping her when she was a teenager, during the libel trial that has began Tuesday, September 22 in Paris. Back on a love story to sulfur smell.

Johnny Hallyday and Adeline Blondieau love and hate forever. She was the daughter of Chris Long, a friend of the singer and songwriter. This story of friendship, love and hate, continues today before judges.

● They were crazy love …

In July 1990, in Ramatuelle, Adeline Blondieau, aged 19, married with Johnny Hallyday. The singer is a great friend of his father, lyricist Christian Blondieau known under the pseudonym Chris Long. The star couple makes the blankets Match , a Harley or wedding outfit, it is displayed in Saint-Tropez, in Cannes … Johnny and Adeline separate after two years’ barely union, before remarrying in Las Vegas in 1994. A year later, May 9, 1995, the break is consumed.

While Johnny fills the Parc des Princes and the Stade de France in the second half of the 1990s, Adeline began a career in television. Including one finds on display in the series Under the sun.

● An autobiography and a libel trial

The Autobiography of Johnny, In my eyes (Plon), was released in February 2013. The rocker pings are his ex-wife, comparing it to a “snake”, “Adeline was hysterical at the slightest annoyance, she swung the chairs by the window. [...] This is a snake, she cocufiait me all the time. She was cheating on me with all the little guys from Saint-Tropez and played nitouches-holy. “At first, Adeline Blondieau had demanded the removal of certain passages from the book, but had obtained a symbolic euro and damage interests of the House of Plon. She was finally attacked defamation singer and co-author of the book, Amanda Sthers.

● Rape Accusations

The trial began this Tuesday, September 22, two years after the filing of the complaint for defamation. In open court, when she was heard by the Criminal Court, Adeline Blondieau Johnny Hallyday accused of having “violated”. “He raped me when I was 14, 15 years old, with my parents. (…) He abused me. We never told him and me. “She and breeze” a violent secrecy, but also bound us in some way. “

Johnny Hallyday was not present at the hearing, and his lawyer has responded in a statement: “Adeline Blondieau is customary malicious and repeated remarks made against my client who would not comment his new coarse and scurrilous statements.”

● Case to follow

The court has reserved judgment in its November 3rd to the passages of the book In my eyes that have earned the complaint Adeline Blondieau. Rape charges, they, will not be prosecuted by Johnny Hallyday. The remarks were made at a hearing and thus enjoy immunity. The release of the singer’s lawyer concludes, “Johnny Hallyday reserves the right to take measures to protect its rights under said by Adeline Blondieau at this hearing and any adjournment thereof by news channel. No further comment will be made on this subject do. “


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