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Jérémie Renier in “Neither earth nor heaven” impressive force and madness – Télé

The Belgian actor is the poster of “Neither earth nor heaven” Clement Cogitore. Since its revelation, teenager, by the Dardenne brothers, he multiplied the compositions chameleon actor, varying genres and pleasures. At 34, he is about to get behind the camera.

Finished cutting the military square, Jérémie Renier today has a woodsman head. Beard and shaggy hair – the golden straw for the needs of a role, of course. “A kind of hippie or anarchist before time, in the film Fély Renaud, author of Pauline and François Belgian actor reveals. “I will be a faithful companion of Francis of Assisi who, like him, has nothing to be as free as possible. Detached from any belonging, both stand up against inequality, want to change the world. “ Is there the soul of the monk-soldier or crusader in Jérémie Renier? He has already struggled body and soul in Third World priest Elefante blanco, Trapero. He also fought, gun in hand. The first time was in The Great Man, Sarah Leonor, singular story of initiation, where he was a curious legionnaire, but not very mature empowered by the accidental adoption of a child. World of the antithesis of a Brussels childhood “the cool”, between parents “osteopaths and sixty-huitards” and a very concerning school attendance, that it leaves before the tray. Far as his training to the fine arts, where he says, “I mainly spent my days smoking joints.”

A challenging shooting

Yet’re back the military mission to Neither heaven nor earth, Clement Cogitore (in theaters September 30), hallucinatory war film on the edge of the fantastic where it is impressive force and madness. At the head of a French section control and monitoring in a remote corner of Afghanistan, Jérémie Renier plays a captain faces a number of unexplained disappearances of soldiers. A tough guy, whose control is roughly obsession undermined and finds himself forced to “dig and turn things in his heart.” “Physically, the film was really challenging, he says. I have some time to get over it. It was 40 degrees, we were in the desert, we had 30 kilos of kit on his back and walking on rocks all day. Clement wanted that energy and fatigue are the most realistic possible. “ It even describes how these extreme conditions have welded the team, how he insisted that everyone call him” captain “even outside the plans. There, he discovered how easy it is to kill (“ it is a very sensitive Famas assault rifle, causing barely back with bullets are “pout pout” “) How was this kind of mission can traumatize and galvanize both. ” These soldiers are waiting and mostly bored. The perversion is that basically they hope that something awful happens, that will make a story. There is this fantasy of being walk-in action and then to tell it. “

Trailer of” Neither heaven nor earth ” Clement Cogitore.

From this experience with a different filmmaker whose career as a visual artist has pleased him, and his career in general, he speaks calmly, so asked. Taking his time to answer questions. None of the usual anxiety or seduction strategies has filtered through our meeting. Spontaneous, feline, instinctive, Renier? Thoughtful, too. It’s hard to give it age (he is 34 years old in truth), today as yesterday. Ado, he looked like a little man desalted. Later, he was able to rejuvenate visibly to become a virgin ( The Adventures of Philibert …) or harden. He was very masculine or effeminate. Stiff or elastic, malleable body, perhaps a reminiscence of his time at the circus school in Belgium. In short, Renier is the typical profile of chameleon actor, able to imitate, to transform, to endorse thousand outfits without being caught out of clumsiness. Or cumbersome overexposure. If he has accomplished performance (Claude François Cloclo and Pierre Bergé St. Lawrence are), they have nothing frozen – her image miraculously remained a virgin. Neutral white as the mask of a clown. So what is the secret, Mr. Renier? “I think first I lean on the body, the face, Mass. It’s my way to pick the character, to believe in myself. I need to know how he stands, watching the others breathe. But it is not original. In the Anglo-Saxon or American cinema is very common. “ then think about its role redneck exploited, which can do more and that glides to the news item, freely inspired by the killing of Grand Bornand, Possessions (2011 ), Eric Guirado. Steeped in resentment, a silly scare, Renier had 18 kilos. More impressive perhaps, his sickly thinness The Silence of Lorna, Dardenne, where he was a poignant addict. “The 15 kilos I lost helped me. Thinking constantly about food made me feel the lack, addiction. I really realized that I could not feed kill me. “

Young wolf in a cabinet of” consulting “cop down to hell, son mom” crazy big “beleaguered father, pure hero in blue tights swashbuckling . It has varied pleasures, genres and registers. By winning his acting stripes always fair, strong, quietly but surely. Without fearing the large gaps between first auteur films and popular cobbled entertainment. He still young already a seasoned career (more than forty films!). He likes to move and make them laugh. “This is what brings the most. But in tears, it’s a little alone with his own emotions, while in laughter, there is sharing, it is at least two. I find it very exhilarating but dangerous, so much harder than doing the Dardenne. Do not lie and lie, to the actor, it is not so complicated … “

The contribution of Dardenne

At the Dardenne brothers, he owes much. The reverse is also true: The Promise (“the movie the last chance for them”) revealed them simultaneously. We will always remember, the untamed gouape 14, blond hair, fag in mouth and anorak who fiddled with his bastard father (Olivier Gourmet). Although he is proud of this pasolinien angel mob continues to be a mixed blessing – it still happens to be called “the kid from The Promise .” Fortunately, he as the Dardenne brothers have moved on, never leave altogether. Together they made four films. A fifth is being prepared, with Adèle Haenel. And, pretty symbol of reciprocity, those it “have learned humility, work, being constantly in research” are now poised to become its producers …! For Renier will soon get behind the camera, with his half-brother, Yannick (six years older). It’s an old dream: teen, he not dreamed of becoming an actor but the director – he kept turning small action films or horror with a Hi8 camera. Carnivores is a project they wear for a while. This is the story of two sisters, one living in the shadow of the other and dreaming of taking his place. Mélanie Thierry and Sara Forestier are expected to cast. Is this a second career looming? Everything is possible, since it has no age.


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