Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Prodigy: portrait of a sociopathic genius – Cinema

Two types of audiences will go see The Prodigy : chess players and others. At first, the film does not teach much about American Bobby Fischer, prodigy closely by mental illness whose fame peaked at a legendary part against Russian Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Championships For the latter By contrast, the portrait of this genius sociopath will look with interest all the greater that cleverly connects the path to the context of the Cold War

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If this bill biopic is pretty standard, the interpretation of Tobey Maguire , mixing arrogance and opacity, manages to make us feel the metaphysical vertigo failures and the abyss of paranoia

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Laura Meyer

The Prodigy Edward Zwick with Tobey Maguire , Liev Schreiber , Peter Sarsgaard comes out September 16 in theaters


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