Monday, September 14, 2015

Insulting Morano: Guy Bedos relaxed in Nancy – Le Figaro

The comedian Guy Bedos, sued for including Nadine Morano treated as “idiot”, was released today by the Criminal Court of Nancy.

“Nadine Morano was elected here in Toul? You have a narrow escape ! I was promised she would be there … What a bitch! ” was launched including the artist on stage, among other insults for the elected. At the hearing on September 7, prosecutor Peter Kahn said that “the limit (had) been taken” at this show. These lawsuits for “public insult” were liable to a fine of 12,000 euros.

Guy Bedos and Nadine Morano had crossed at the hearing, but the latter had refused to shake hands proffered comedian, arguing that they were “not in the theater” .

Guy Bedos had rejected any misogyny, while the accused elected to dedicate him a “personal animosity”.

Last Saturday, in the show “We are not lying” on France 2, Guy Bedos had renewed his insults against the MEP. It claimed him 15,000 euros in damages, she wanted to pay to fight associations against violence against women.

“Not a word, neither for nor against Nadine Morano. It is too expensive. I’ll judgment on Monday, by then, I am silent, “had initially responded to Laurent Guy Bedos Ruquier, before once again prevail.” 15,000 euros anyway! 15,000 euros! it’s not going right? Conne! ” he said, sparking laughter in the audience

Nadine Morano, Guy Bedos and “limits of humor” to court Nancy


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