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“White Race” and other aberrations uttered by Nadine Morano on the set of “It is not lying” – The Obs

For more than an hour in the evening Saturday, September 26, Nadine Morano spoke on the set of “It is not lying,” the talk show hosted by Laurent Ruquier on France 2. More sixty minutes during which MEP has made many statements to the punch, to starboard. The five most alarming outputs from a member of the party Republicans.

# 1 “I point a person who wears a full veil and three weeks later, it farts in ‘Charlie Hebdo’”

“For me it is intolerable to see develop in my country wearing the full veil. I was to report [sic] the person who wore a full veil in a crowded train station [...] and three weeks after that farted in ‘Charlie Hebdo’ “he told Nadine Morano (from the 50th minute).

What Nadine Morano explains the link between the two parts of the sentence … Met she questioned the” who wore a full veil “in the attack that targeted” Charlie Hebdo “? If so, this is a serious shortcut.

# 2 “France is a Caucasian country”

“France is a country of Judeo-Christian roots. France is a Caucasian countries, in which also hosts foreign people, to quote General de Gaulle, “said Nadine Morano (55th minute).

A statement that can not be a skid, Nadine Morano since repeated these assertions almost word for word twice.

“And the West Indians, how they are compared to the white race?”, then asks, quite rightly, columnist Léa Salamé. Far from dismantling, Nadine Morano repeated on a professorial tone that France is “predominantly Caucasian, Jewish-Christian”, citing De Gaulle.

Except that Nadine Morano is not based in any If a public statement of General de Gaulle, but on about which it Alain Peyrefitte in a book published in 1994, 24 years after the death of the General.

In this alleged statement, the magazine “The Inrocks” reproduced verbatim Charles de Gaulle does not spare the “Arabs” as he refers to.

If we did the integration, if all the Arabs and Berbers of Algeria were considered as French [...] My village is chock more Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, but Colombey-les-Deux-Mosques “, would he particularly said.

Nadine Morano endorse-t also this passage of anti-Arab diatribe attributed to General de Gaulle?

Also, recall Article I of the Constitution for the great state aspires to woman be Nadine Morano:. France, “ensures equality before the law for all citizens without distinction of origin, race or religion”

In short, these allusions to the “white” No. have not escaped the Twitter users who quickly made the connection with another political party:

# 3 “I do not want France to become Muslim [...] it would not be the France”

“I do not want France to become Muslim [...] it would not be France,” also loose the former Minister Nicolas Sarkozy (55th minute).

Nadine Morano seems frightened by the number of Muslims arriving in France because it believes they could become the majority of the population. Very unlikely. A study published in April 2015 by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Muslims in France would reach 10.9% in 2050 …! Against 7.5% in 2010. And that projection for 2050 takes into account of course immigration.

(Pew Research Center )

And even France would be populated by 99% of Muslim citizens, France does not thereby become Muslim. And we have to emphasize again the first article of the Constitution:

France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social [...] It shall respect all beliefs “

<. p> In summary, contrary to what seems to think Nadine Morano, France is currently not Catholic. France is and aims to remain a secular republic.

# 4 “is put undermined our schedule, our school parties “

” Now we can not tell the Easter holidays, we will say the spring holidays – and this is an attack on our culture, because ” secularism is used to erase the culture of France, “complained Nadine Morano (59th minute).

So, secularism contained in Article I of the Constitution, is, according to Nadine Morano, a pernicious way to erase our culture “Judeo-Christian”.

Welcome to the world of Nadine Morano where one should not say “evening”, but “at vespers” and citizens should all rush to Mass on Ascension Thursday (not on the highway to enjoy extended weekend).

# 5 “Frédéric Chau? It is Asian “

Shocked, like most of those present, as the” white race “, Lea Salamé asks MEP to decide on the actor Frédéric Chau, also invited him to the issue. “And he like?” asks columnist Nadine Morano (1:01 min).

“Him? It is Asian, “she says, adding, in a tone minaudeur,” And besides, it is … “The implication.. Very taste and is flirting with the Big unease on. the plate and in front of screens:

Frédéric Chau, which appears particularly cast of the hit comedy “What we did in God?”, French is Just..

Emmanuelle Hirschauer


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