Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Strike at Orsay: tourists being exceeded private visit – Le Figaro

REPORT – The visitors learned that the property would remain closed due to staff strike after more than an hour of waiting in the rain.

The exhibition dedicated to the brothel … is closed until further notice. Desired by the CGT strike to protest against the opening of the facility seven days a week was passed this Tuesday morning.

Venus in number for the launch of the new exhibition Splendours and Miseries . Images of prostitution , tourists have learned the bad news after waiting over an hour outside.

“I’m tired of wasting my time. You can explain what’s going on? “Exasperated, an American vacationer demand explanations from a security guard. To manage the queue, it collapses under the demands of Italian visitors, America and Asia. “Sir, I want to know what time the doors open, my clients have a plane to catch” worries a Japanese guide. To these questions, the museum gives few answers. Yet many tourists came before Orsay at nine in the morning “to avoid tail” …

At ten o’clock the umbrellas queue exceeds the square of the museum and extends to the street Lille, to the Deposit. A breath of wind on rebellion lovers Impressionist paintings, which start to clap rhythmically, in protest.

Inside the facility, the climate is less tense. After over an hour of general meeting and speaking staff and trade unions CGT-Culture, the strike is voted. The museum is closed on Tuesday and a new General Assembly will take place tomorrow at nine, with a possible extension of the closure. One time, the museum management had imagined partially open these showrooms. She seems to have given up.

The news of the closure will ultimately be transmitted to tourists by speakers. Causing boos and whistles in the street. “I came from New York two days for my honeymoon, this situation is totally abnormal!” Laments a young American before leaving the scene with his wife.

A few meters away, the museum’s surveillance agents (first profession concerned by the reform with speakers, cashiers, cloakroom and personal information officers) welcomed the outcome of the general meeting. Rue de Valois already received last Friday evening, the CGT-Orsay Orangerie management secretary Frederic Sorbier hope that a delegation will be made up, to go again to the Ministry of Culture.


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