Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mustang. Chosen to represent France at the Oscars – Ouest-France

Mustang is in the saddle for the race for the Oscar, under the colors of France. Without discussing the qualities of the other films vying to represent it in Hollywood (Dheeepan, Jacques Audiard (already Palme d’Or at Cannes), The law of the market, Stéphane Brizé, Daisy, Xavier Giannoli, or La Belle Saison, Catherine Corsini) the National Cinema Centre had a good idea of ​​imposing this feature film outsider

A choice of high symbolic value. coproduced by France, Germany and Turkey it was shot by a Turkish director born in 1978 in Ankara and formed the cinema at FEMIS in Paris.

Ode to freedom and education

Ode to freedom and education, especially for girls, Mustang is the tragic and beautiful story of five sisters, orphans, in a remote village in Turkey. The film opens on the last school day and goodbye to the youngest of his teacher. Follows a magnificent cavalcade of adolescents to the beach and their innocent games in the water.

On the shoulders of their friends, they laugh, hair wind, similar to wild horses. But soon the neighbors, their grandmother, uncle, decide to restrict their freedom. He must marry as soon older. The house, gradually closes over them.

The great strength of the film is to alternate sequences where one laughs (like the one where girls escape to attend a match football) and those where one shudders. One leaves slammed, literally and figuratively. Slammed by the beauty of the images, the tension sets in and the soundtrack of haunting Australian Warren Ellis.

Does seduce Hollywood?

Presented at the last Festival Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, where it was highly acclaimed, the film Deniz Gamze Ergüve, recorded 450,000 admissions in France since June. Its output in Turkey was much more confidential and subject to criticism “denouncing a Western vision of the country. “

Does seduce Hollywood? Reply February 28, 2016. By then, the road is still long. The countries make their proposals and then the Academy Awards in ten chooses among a hundred. And “nominates” the final five. We’ll know if January 14 Mustang remains in the race.


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