Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vimala Pons, acrobat leader – Liberation

cinema Arrive On tiptoe, Vimala Pons is first the body moving as movies and unveiled that subsequently affirmed by the word. Object of desire in the girl of 14 July Antonin Peretjatko, actress there was a mute appearance in tightrope walking on glass bottles. After the amorous acrobatics Vincent Thomas Salvador has no scales, it recently occurred in a young woman’s number on the wire in a plane As Bruno Podalydès. This week in I am to you right now Baya Kasmi, it plays a charitable DRH who ends up sleeping with employees it laid off, to console them.

Crossed by a tragic fantasy, Vimala Pons, almost 30 years, working to juggle both vocations, circus and cinema, balancing body and brain research approach. “Fascinated by the movies very young”, she is first registered art history and film at the University of Paris VIII in Saint-Denis, hoping to become a writer and why not enter the competition the Fémis. Finally admitted to CNSAD it then branches off to the National Centre of Circus Arts.

“The circus already liked on TV, little, she justifies. It has in common with the cinema to be a new language that can express all the arts. It touches me. “After graduating, Vimala Pons participate for six years the young collective Ivan Mosjoukine creates Today [notes on the circus], vibrant company deconstruction forms of performing arts.

“The head and the nerves.” partial epileptic treatable, strange for his profession, actress grew up in India in the Kerala region at the instigation of parents working with elephant breeders (“nothing to do with the circus,” she says). Revenue in France, she spent her adolescence in Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) and now lives in Pigalle. His filmography reveals predisposed by its discipline circus to comedy genre to which it prints a comic tempo and expressive plasticity, pure heir to a burlesque which starts with an economical speech and uncontrollable figure, along the skid.

“I am very happy, it helps me to live, I like lightness. Being an actor, he is the head and nerves that work together and that we must try to maintain the balance, “ summarizes Vimala Pons, evoking his craft as a small disordered precise mechanics. “Better not put it in words, but rather make a move and not move in expected manner,” adds the filmmaker.

In 2011, she began cinema in the short film of the writer Baya Kasmi I could have been a whore, Genesis I am to you right away. She recalls their meeting: “We were both very, very distressed: my side, something sounded very strong in what she wrote, that humor can be a way to exist, an art to live that allows to break the cycle of automation of life. “This new film is to date his first real leading role, with a character, Hanna, who” puts his foot in it gracefully, “said-t her.

Elegance. Coming soon to a traffic jam feature films from Paul Verhoeven to Michel Leclerc through Bruno Podalydès, she found, actress mainly revolves within the hexagonal young auteur cinema (Antonin Peretjatko, Betbeder Sébastien Bertrand Mandico). In early October, during the Nuit blanche, it will present in the XVIII th district of Paris with his buddy, Tsirihaka Harrivel a Grand Journal incomplete inspired by national anthems. And continues to juggle between the stage and the screen: “Finally, I am often in-between fictions, poetic and tragic, which suits me: it’s a way to show others how life happens to you.”

Clémentine Gallot


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