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The TV license fee will increase by 1 euro in 2016 –

The government has ruled. The license fee will increase by 1 euro in 2016. Fleur Pellerin also said that there would be no return of advertising on public channels after 20h but a revaluation of the “Cope tax” …

( – Finally, the increase in the license fee shall be limited to 1 euro in 2016, representing a revaluation in line with inflation. Fleur Pellerin has said, in an interview with Sunday newspaper: “I have proposed that the fee is limited to inflation, according to the law The increase will be contained in 2016 only 1 euro.”. The Minister of Culture and Communication wishes “that the effort is not about the French.” However, the government decided to push further the ‘telecoms tax’, called ‘tax Cope’, introduced in 2009 to compensate for the abolition of evening advertising on public channels.

The fee audiovisual passes 137 euros

In 2016, the contribution of French public broadcasting will increase to 137 euros instead of 136 euros currently. “This is the smallest increase since 2008, when its evolution has been indexed to prices.” The Minister is justified in recalling the “ambitious goals for France Télévisions, Radio France and other public audiovisual companies in terms of information, culture and digital development.” While the reason advocated “increase the fee of 4 euros”, the government refrained from such revaluation to be consistent with its logic of lowering contributions from French. “Such a decision would have been inconsistent, the government’s policy to the contrary, to lower withdrawals.”

“No return advertising after 20h”

Fleur Pellerin also indicated that there would be “no return advertising after 20 hours” on public channels. “I am eager not to destabilize the other media, television, radio or print, that would have been affected by this recovery Evening advertising. Private channels must have the means to contribute to pluralism of information and creation, including the financing of cinema. “

The ISPs pay more!

However, surprise … The government has decided to increase the taxation of Internet access providers. “We will increase the margin tax paid by Internet operators”. It “will increase from 0.9% of sales to 1.2%. This fraction of the revenue will be allocated on a permanent basis to public broadcasting,” says Fleur Pellerin. The question is whether the various operators reverberate this increase in taxation on users. In 2009, the introduction of the “telecoms tax” had already sparked the outcry of the operators, who felt it was a brake on investment.

No tax on computers, tablets and smartphones

Fleur Pellerin had envisaged a time of taxing computers, tablets and smartphones, video data consumers. The Minister was quickly trimmed by Emmanuel Macron on the subject. Yet Fleur Pellerin does not evade his project. “It will be necessary to consider in the future a more comprehensive reform tailored to these new uses,” she said.

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