Monday, September 21, 2015

Aznavour, Bruel, Souchon … the funeral of Guy Béart – Le Figaro

PICTURES – interpreter The living water was buried Monday late morning in Garches Hauts-de- Seine. Many personalities from the entertainment world were present at this intimate and private ceremony.

Guy Béart, who died last Wednesday, was buried today late morning at the Jewish cemetery in the square of the town of Garches. The entertainment world as his family and fans and made him a last tribute.

From 11 am this morning, many were anonymous to stand at the entrance of the cemetery which, for the occasion was closed to the public by decision of the prefect. Police officers watched over the observance of the order. Buses were also diverted in the streets near the place of the ceremony.

Among the faithful of the singer, Pierre, 70 years ago. The pieces of Guy Béart? He knows them all. Following the funeral, he began to sing a few songs from unknown artists alongside Ivan Levaï, journalist and ex-husband of Anne Sinclair, who attended the ceremony, which lent itself once the tribute finished the game cameras.

“My little is like water, it is like living water. She runs like a stream, that children continue. Run, run fast if you can. Never, ever will catch up to do, “murmured some of his fans, which we feel the emotion of losing this monument of French song. They had already left the first time last January at the farewell concert at the Olympia, this time, they know they will not see the most.

“If I have a shot soft, I usually listen Guy Béart “says Christiane-consensus among the faithful who patiently wait several hours after the end of the private ceremony. They hope, as individuals, can also drop a rose on the body and pay their last tribute.

Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy, Patrick Bruel, Charles Aznavour, Laurent Gerra, Dave … Both artists present this morning at the burial alongside the daughter of singer Emmanuelle Béart. Until 13:30, the ceremony was attended by big names wishing to share their relationship, their anecdotes. “Every time I dined with him, we ended the meal by listening to guitar playing, he never stopped, he was a passionate,” says Ivan Levaï.

At the output if some chose discretion to leave, others have agreed to deliver. “It was a beautiful ceremony very moving,” said the musician Hugues Aufray. For the actor Daniel Auteuil, ex-husband of Emmanuelle Béart, it was a “ceremony like them.” Alain Souchon, meanwhile, retains the “beautiful speech” of the daughter of the deceased singer.

Guy Béart has died at the age of 85 on January 16 in Garches, the municipality that endorsed since the 1960s He died of a heart attack on his way to the hairdresser. Today, he joined Brel, Brassens and Bécaud …


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