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Claire Chazal. His latest JT on TF1: “An immense sadness” – Ouest-France

“Thank you very much for being faithful for 24 years the newspapers of the weekend, I was very happy and proud to present, we have woven together a strong connection extremely valuable to me “, said Claire Chazal Sunday night by closing the JT , which should be a ratings board.

She also paid tribute to the “immense talent” of writing, but without a word to the direction of the chain, who landed after 24 years as an antenna.

“I have tried to inform you as fully as possible while opening the newspaper on culture universe and some of my personal passions” , has she continued, wishing his replacement Anne-Claire Coudray, 38, “all the happiness that I had to work for you” .

Replaced by the “joker” Anne-Claire Coudray

His departure was very sudden: the CEO of TF1 Nonce Paolini convened SMS journalist on 30 August, indicating be worried of falling audiences, declining for a year, according to an internal source TF1.

He then received the following Thursday to announce his replacement. Claire Chazal was “very affected by the brutality of the announcement” , the source said.

On Monday evening, September 7, as rumors circulated about his departure, the chain announced the departure “in the coming weeks” , its star presenter, in one sentence, and then specified in the week that this Sunday would actually be his last JT.

It will be replaced by its “joker” , Anne-Claire Coudray, 38, who was a reporter for 15 years for the chain since 2012 before assuming replacements JT the week- end.

Long beloved viewers, although a Sunday poll predicted its quick “zapping” , Claire Chazal this week received hundreds of messages of support, according to a source TF1.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, 27 13 hours

Information Director Catherine Nayl Monday called on journalists to come many attend the latter JT. Last more than 20 years on the air of a JT has become a rarity: only Jean-Pierre Pernaut, with its 27 years of 13 hours on TF1, can still show such a score

TF1. pushed out July 10, 2008 Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, the controls of 20 hours for 21 years. Before him, Yves Mourousi remained 13 years in the position. Opposite, David Pujadas only has “only” fourteen to 20 hours of France 2, which is still a record for the public channel.

“Much lady on TV “

The poor results of JT Claire Chazal are part of a generally difficult context for the first French channel, which recorded in August, its 12th consecutive month of decline and her worst score since its privatization in 1987 to 20.1% audience share.

On Twitter, many anonymous pay homage to him since Monday. “A thought to Claire Chazal, which will remain one great lady of TV” , summed @ petitflo48, a bus driver to Paris.

Similarly, media personalities and entertainment have also hailed his career.

“You have always been my happiness. I will miss you, like millions of viewers “, for example, writes Michel Polnareff on twitter.

His former partner Patrick Poivre d’Arvor had tweeted her ” Decidedly “!, in reference to its own eviction by the chain seven years ago.

Anne Sinclair has denounced it in a Friday note in the Huffington Post that she directs, the “brutality “ of this eviction, TF1, ” a house that was never crowded elegance “, who wrote that he was dismissed 14 years ago.

Mixed polls

According to a poll published Sunday in Le Parisien, 60% of French say they do not regret the choice of the private channel and turn the page without regrets.

Nearly 8 out of 10 French (78%) say yet have a good opinion of her, they consider “good presenter” “elegant” , while 76% describe it as “grande dame of French TV” , but 59% reproach him for having been “complacent” .

Claire Chazal is only fourth position (13%) preferred the French presenters JT, behind his colleagues Jean-Pierre Pernaut (26%) or Laurent Delahousse ( 22%) and Elise Lucet (17%) on France 2. It is ahead however David Pujadas (10%).

As for the new promoted, Anne-Claire Coudray, half says not to know .


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