Thursday, September 17, 2015

Emmanuelle Béart: “My father, a brilliant person” – Le Figaro

In June 2014, the daughter of Guy Béart had granted an interview to Paris Match in which it had evoked the admiration the interpreter to Water Cheers , died yesterday at the age of 85 years.

Last year, the daughter of French singer died Wednesday was 16 granted a long interview to the magazine Paris Match and spoke of her father she admired.

“His look and his ability to analyze are terrifying just.” Emmanuelle Béart was many qualities to his father Guy Béart, she spoke as “one of the most brilliant people quej ”ve known.” “And then it is someone who saves the skin of others, always there, solid, swinging, or when something goes wrong.” She had renchéri.

Having grown up in two different families, the actress alternated between the house of her mother “a communist militant,” and his father where “she could find” Aragon or Brassens Pompidou in the pool ” . Partitioning these two worlds, Emmanuelle Béart spoke little of his father’s star of life to his mother: “No way to tell it on the way to Cogolin (where his mother lived Ed). So there was already a form of perversion of reality “

Full of gratitude, the artist had told the weekly that Guy Béart had pushed her to write from an early age.” I started writing at 13, when my father, during holidays spent at home, kept me out and told me to learn to be bored in my room. He also kept a trunk full of books. He had to read them. Knowing him, I’m sure. Blackened trunks filled with books, I have others home. “

Guy Béart, singer The Eau Vive or yet The Hope time died yesterday. Jean d’Ormesson, Bernard Pivot, Alain Souchon: many personalities paid tribute to him.


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