Thursday, September 17, 2015

La Belle Saison: the poster censored by FN mayor – Le Figaro

The film, preselected to represent France at the Oscars, did not sit well with an elected right-wing of Camaret-sur-Aigues in Vaucluse, which decided to ban the main image, two entwined women.

The National Front has never really felt elective affinities or with culture nor with homosexuality. The mayor of the municipality of Camaret-sur-Aigues in Vaucluse, Philippe Beauregard (FN), has once again prove it.

On the website of the municipality, as the town hall, one finds no trace of the film La Belle Saison , though it released Thursday, September 17 at the cinema of the town. What amazes even more moviegoers that the posters were maintained in the rest of the village, reports Le Dauphiné . Yet it is customary for this town to promote feature films in the program of René-Roussière room.

The poster for La Belle Saison represents two women, Izia Higelin and Cécile de France, entwined. The film by Catherine Corsini, all age and no age limit, has even been preselected to be the one to represent France in the race for best foreign film at the Oscars 2016.

Asked by the regional newspaper, Philippe Beauregard has estimated that it is in “freedom of expression and the right to criticism.” “I saw this movie and includes many scenes likely to disturb a young audience and there is no warning and no specified age restriction. As a citizen, I warn parents, “was it justified

As for the issue of homosexuality, the FN mayor says.” If it were to a heterosexual relationship, I would have had the same reaction. These are the erotic scenes in close-up that are not intended for all audiences. The partnership with the association maintained. I think they could have chosen another film. “

There are already two years, is the poster of Stranger by the Lake that had been removed the streets of Versailles and Saint-Cloud. The cause: a kiss between two men and the antics of a homosexual couple in the background



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