Thursday, September 24, 2015

Price Interallié 2015: Boualem Sansal, still in contention – Le Figaro

After the first selections of the Goncourt, the Renaudot and Medicis, the author of in 2084, the end of the world is on a new list. It is also within the top 20 best sellers in all categories.

The jury of Allied, which puts the price after all the others, gave his first selection. Tradition has it that an award to journalists writers but jurors willingly open their list

First comment. Boualem Sansal, the author of the highly acclaimed 2084 , the end of the world (Gallimard), already selected by the juries of the Goncourt, the Renaudot, the Medicis, the Femina and Flora, is also on the list of Allied. Rarely has a writer do so unanimously, at least on the starting line. After, we know that juries can still amaze. We remember last year of Eric Reinhardt, with Love and forests (Gallimard), vying for the Goncourt, the Renaudot and Medicis, who could not win the One of these awards (he was still the Prix France Culture-Télérama, the novel France Télévisions and the Renaudot high school students).

Among the thirteen selected, there Mathias Énard, already track for the Goncourt and Femina. In addition to Allied, Christophe Boltanski and Charles Dantzig contribute both to the Renaudot, the Medicis and the Femina. The award will be presented Interallié November 12. Before that, a second selection to take place October 21 and a third will be held November 4.

Boualem Sansal, a happiness never comes alone. The magazine Livres Hebdo has announced that his novel made its debut at the 18th place in the Top 20 ranking of best sellers in all categories established by the firm GFK, for the week of 14 to 20 September. It joins the other securities of the literary season already the winners: Based on a true story Delphine de Vigan (Lattes), An impossible love Christine Angot ( Flammarion) and The Crime of Earl Neville Amélie Nothomb (Albin Michel) says Livres Hebdo .

The list of authors vying for the price Interallié 2015

Laurent Binet, The seventh function of language (Grasset)

Christophe Boltanski, The Cache (Stock)

Eve de Castro, We, Louis, King (The Iconoclast)

Charles Dantzig, History love and hatred (Grasset)

Lionel Duroy, Escape (Julliard)

Mathias Énard, Compass (Actes Sud)

René Guitton, tawny Memoirs (Calmann-Levy)

Philippe Lacoche, Twenty-four hours to convince a woman (Writing)

Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, Love three (Grasset)

Nathalie Rheims, Place Colette (Leo Scheer)

Monica Sabolo, Crans Montana (JC Lattes)

Boualem Sansal, 2084 the end of the world (Gallimard)

Amanda Sthers, The Promises (Grasset)


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