Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Versailles: Anish Kapoor poses in Dirty Corner – Le Figaro

British artist responded to the 4th degradation of his work by a controversy selfie Avenger group. The debate is not likely to subside.

Despite his fiery temperament deemed Sir Anish Kapoor remained reserved after the announcement of a fourth degradation in the night from Sunday to Monday, his work decidedly controversial, “Dirty Corner,” asked since June on the Green Carpet of Versailles.

The time for reflection or whatever, more warlike, the response? British artist that loved Paris at the Grand Palais in 2011 and part of Versailles violently disputed for months, responded by image.Et what image! In “visual artist”, he took his critics at the foot of the letter.

He posted yesterday on his Instagram account this photo insolent. A direct response to those who renamed his sculpture “The Queen’s Vagina”. Some see the shape of the heart qu’abordent fans of selfies. Others, in contrast, welcomed “Viva la Vagina” and applaud this gesture crudely offensive to the Pussy Riot.

No caption Kapoor comes to a unilateral sense to this group photo . It reminds performance agitprop his friend Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist whose resistance to power became the emblem political hero of the art currently triumph at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Previous? This parodied with handcuffs and black humor of the movie “Gangnam Style” of Korean Psy. A performance tour as a rather trashy musical mini-comedy in the same courtyard of his studio in Beijing, with its team of dedicated employees and even his most introverted European gallery.

Contemporary Reference to caves grotesque

This photo was taken at Versailles even within the sculpture “Dirty Corner” huge cornucopia patinated steel whose original title was already gnashing of the teeth of the faithful and the royal estate many heritage advocates … Before the controversy will replace him the infamous title of “Queen of Vagina” qualifier which immediately ignited the powder and the artist has repeatedly denied vain. Four deterioration later in the tumult of this growing public debate and repeated vandalism, we forget that this cave is a contemporary reference to caves grotesque. Given the steps of the castle, this “Dirty Corner” recalls the baroque tapestries by its abstract mosaic of colors and alternating rust, green, magenta pink.

This group of selfie not likely to calm the spirits. Frontal attack against an artist stung with his friend Jean de Loisy, president of the Palais de Tokyo, we highlighted last May “the charming bad boy”? The selfie meets the very heart of the object of the offense, the British artist, his companion, the Japanese landscape and landscape historian Sophie Walker, two gallery owners, the charming Lorenzo Fiaschi which recently celebrated 25 years of its Galleria 104 and continued to Mennour Kamel, reference the French market. Big smiles, mocking small committee and esprit de corps.

Spirit schoolboy

such a publication came across the Channel It is unclear how could clean up the heated debate on art in public space in France.

Note that – common sense, subject to its function or sense of responsibility require – Catherine Pégard, President of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles, not in this avenger group portrait. Is she even aware of this picture? She has discovered the same time as those in perpetual network on the net? One thing is certain. It does not help him in his role as President of institution and host power while she kept a diplomatic reserve since the beginning of the case “Kapoor Versailles”.

Also note that the photo was probably taken after cleaning the first yellow paint jets in June and before the massive anti-Semitic graffiti appeared in early September. Testimony of a schoolboy spirit worthy of the early years at the Fine Arts, this picture is wisely remained private until now. Publish on Instagram today gives another sense, necessarily more bellicose. This morning, 307 subscribers had already clicked “like”.


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