Friday, September 18, 2015

Jon Snow, the next James Bond? – Gala

Is Kit Harington the next James Bond? The actor’s opinion on the issue.

Registry change for Kit Harington. The famous performer Jon Snow Game of Thrones starts the spy movies. Playing MI-5: Infiltration , the actor swapped the sword to the revolver and fur cape for the holster. It portrays Will Holloway, British secret service agent in charge to resolve an unprecedented scandal in the secret organization

The output of MI-5. Infiltration scheduled for tomorrow. On this occasion First was able to interview Kit Harington. Proud of this feature film, his first role in an action film, he carries with conviction. “I grew up with this series. (…) It was very popular when I was young. “ That offers him the role was a” shock “he explains. “Wow, I got there, it’s really cool” was he said.
MI-5 is certainly an action movie but not that. “It is an antidote to Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible and James Bond. Because there is nothing in this film that can not imagine possible in real life, the actor explains. I think we are closer to how real British secret agents work. “ For the occasion, he met real secret agents. At least, he explains in this interview could not talk because he was “kept secret” in his words. The message is clear.
The conversation then turned to the James Bond saga, whose next appointed actor has not yet been chosen. This role is to take the last few months the subject of much speculation. So why not him, asked the reporter from First ? “They constantly castent for James Bond is not it? Gender every two-three? asks Kit Harington. I would love to play this role, but this is a hyper desired role. Not necessarily my alley. “ Modest, perhaps too

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